May 27, 2022

6 Questions High School Students Should Ask on a College Campus Visit

By B&SC Blog Team

6 Questions High School Students Should Ask on a College Campus Visit

College is a huge investment of both your time and money. When visiting the campus, it’s important you get the most out of your time and ask the right questions for your future experience. With this guide, you will know the best question to ask at your next college visit to help make your decision easier.

What Campus Life/Extracurriculars are Available?

At Bryant and Stratton College, these answers all really depend on what campus you are visiting! All of our campuses offer a unique experience, which will make the extra curriculars offered differ from campus to campus. Yes, college is about academics but it’s also important to consider what you can do in your free time. You can discuss what extracurriculars are most popular and what clubs are available. Sports may also play a role in the campus culture, if that’s something you’re interested in, be sure to ask.

Are Classes Available that will Fit my Schedule?

Bryant & Stratton College offers day and evenings courses, but this might not be the same at all campuses. Make sure your visit helps you determine if the College has flexible class hours that you can fit into any schedule you might have. Not all programs offer day and night classes and certain program requirements need to be completed according to campus or off-site standards.

Bryant & Stratton College also offers blended learning that is an approach to education that uses a combination of in-person instruction and online virtual instruction. It typically involves both scheduled, instructor-led components as well as self-paced, learner-led components. The online virtual components of the course can be completed based on the student’s schedule, and they have their same instructor available for feedback, guidance, and support through all of the online virtual activities.

What Student Services are Available to Me?

At Bryant & Stratton College, our approach to career services is unique, because we know you want more than just an education, you want to be prepared for after you leave. Our career services department offers real-world experience that can set you apart in the job market, while networking opportunities put you in touch with professionals in your chosen field, which is useful for students without prior connections. That is why campus students are presented with internship opportunities as they work through their degree.

What is the Average Student to Teacher Ratio?

Bryant & Stratton College averages 15-to-20 students per class, which allows a more personalized experience in the classroom and a real opportunity for support from your instructor. Our small class sizes will allow students to be noticed in the classroom, keeping them from being 1 of 300 students in a large lecture. In smaller classes its less likely a student will get left behind, they can easily ask questions without feeling the pressure of being surrounded by hundreds. With fewer students per class, individuals can connect closely with their peers and become more confident and comfortable when it comes to sharing their ideas and perspectives.

What is the application process?

Knowing details about the application process is important to consider before making the decision of whether or not to apply. Is there an application fee? What kind of information do they ask on the application? How much time does it take to review before I hear back from an admissions representative? These questions are good follow up questions after hearing about the initial process. At Bryant & Stratton College, our college application is free and can be completed online or at the campuses. With only 5 steps, it takes minimal time to complete so you can start your college journey as soon as you are ready.

What Types of Financial Aid are Available?

Financial aid is available to those who qualify and can come from a variety of sources, such as grants, loans, scholarships, tuition reimbursement, and military aid. At Bryant & Stratton College, students meet one on one with a financial aid advisor who will assist with providing a personalized financial plan. We will review your FAFSA to determine eligibility for federal, state & institutional grants, loans & scholarships. In addition, we will assist students with identifying alternate sources such as Military Aid, Tuition Reimbursement, outside scholarships, private loans and/or college savings plans. Our goal is to make this experience easy to navigate, informational and ease the concerns of affordability. A wide variety of grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study options exist to help you fund your education. It’s important to explore all available financial aid resources to find the right combination for your situation.

Looking for a large list of questions to ask your guide on your college tour? Check out these 50+ questions to ask colleges covering student life, extracurricular activities, academics, financial aid, career paths, and other topics related to college experience. The college search process isn’t always easy, but when you find the right place to further your education, the work is always worth it.

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