May 27, 2022

50+ Good Questions to Ask Colleges

By B&SC Blog Team

50+ Good Questions to Ask Colleges

College is a major investment of both time and money. Before you choose a college, it’s important to visit the campus or have conversations with the schools you are considering and ask a few relevant questions. With this guide, you can approach any college confidently and show that you’re prepared with the right questions.

Why Are College Visits and Tours Important?

There is only so much information you can gain from a website or a college’s recruitment materials. To really get a feel for the culture of a college, you need to see it in person-or at least with a virtual and live video call. You will get to see what the school is really like, how the faculty interacts with its students, and whether or not it is a good fit for you. However, to make the most out of this tour, you need to be armed with the right questions.

Basic Questions to Ask

Here are eight basic questions to consider that will help you better evaluate the school:

  1. What factors set your school apart from others?
  2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this school?
  3. If I have a question or need help, how accessible are the professors or other staff? How would I get an appointment?
  4. Do you have an honors college, and if so, how can a student qualify?
  5. How financially sound is this college?
  6. What sort of student would thrive at this college?
  7. Do your alumni stay active with the school? Do you have an alumni network?
  8. What advice would you give for an incoming freshman? An adult student?

Academic Questions to Ask

Academics are a vital part of the college experience. No school is going to admit to having sub-par academics, but you can ask some questions that will get you a better feel for the quality of the academic programs offered. These nine questions should help you determine whether an institution offers the quality of education you’re looking for:

  1. What is the average class size?
  2. How much interaction do undergraduate students have with experienced, tenured professors, and are they accessible outside of the lecture hall?
  3. What majors or minors are the school best known for?
  1. Is academic support available outside of the classroom, such as tutors and study groups?
  2. Do the professors have office hours?
  3. What is homework typically like?
  4. Do seniors in my academic area complete a capstone project or have some sort of internship?
  5. Are students usually able to get the courses they want?
  6. Do the classes focus on exam-based assessments, project-based, or a mixture of both?

Internship Questions to Ask

Study programs that take place off-campus through internships can be an invaluable part of your college experience. These five questions will help you determine what options are available at the school you’re considering:

  1. What percentage of students get internships?
  2. Does the school help arrange summer internships or research programs?
  3. Are there opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research projects outside the classroom?
  4. Is it recommended for freshmen or sophomores to get an internship?
  5. When is the best time to start looking for internships?

Student Life and Campus Culture Questions to Ask

College is about academics, but it’s also about having fun and exploring social activities. Here are ten questions to give you a feel for what student life is like and how the campus culture contributes to it:

  1. What extracurricular programs are the most popular? And what makes them so appealing?
  2. What percentage of students participate in an extra activity?
  3. What clubs do you have on-campus?
  4. How large of a role do sports play in the campus culture?
  5. How do students balance participating in a sport and taking college classes?
  6. What type of art groups or programs do you have on-campus?
  7. Do you have a program for (fill in the blank with your favorite activity)?
  8. What resources are available to help students who have disabilities or learning challenges?
  9. What are dorms and student housing like?
  10. What facilities are open to students, such as gymnasiums, computer labs, theaters, or libraries?

Financial Aid Questions to Ask

College costs a lot of money, so you are going to have some questions about finances. Here are eight that you should ask:

  1. What kind of financial aid do you offer?
  2. What is your average financial aid package worth?
  3. How many students receive scholarships that are merit-based or athletic-based?
  4. How many scholarships are offered through the school?
  5. What is the typical debt load for a graduating student?
  6. Do you have work-study programs?
  7. How quickly is tuition rising for your school?
  8. Do you offer financial literacy training for students?

Graduation Rates and Career Outlook Questions to Ask

Graduation rates and career placement post-graduation can tell you a lot about a school’s quality. Here are nine questions that can help you determine the odds of graduating and finding a career:

  1. What is your four-year graduation rate? Five-year? Six-year?
  2. What does a student need to do if they wish to graduate in four years?
  3. What factors keep students from graduating on time?
  4. How does the campus help students find employment options after graduation?
  5. Do you have a career services department to help students find employment?
  6. What is your job placement rate?
  7. How is that placement rate calculated?
  8. What percentage of graduates end up employed in their major field?
  9. What percentage of graduates go on to a graduate school program?

Start Your Journey Today!

Your college journey is an exciting time as you explore your career and personal goals. Armed with this list of questions, it’s time to head out and take some college tours. Bryant & Stratton College would love to be part of your tour list. Reach out today to schedule a tour of one of our campuses and learn how we can provide you with a personalized, career-focused education experience.

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