April 15, 2019

How to Sell Your Old Textbooks

By B&SC Blog Team

How to Sell Your Old Textbooks

Most college students have a giant stack of old textbooks collecting dust somewhere in their home.  There are various reasons that students hold on to their textbooks, but it seems that the biggest one is they aren’t exactly sure how to sell them back.  Here are some tips and tricks for how you can take those dusty books and turn them into cash:

  1. Sell them online. You can sell them on EBay, Amazon.com, Half.com, or even on Facebook’s Marketplace.  Amazon.com will even give you more money if you are willing to take Amazon.com credit instead of cash.  You can buy almost anything on Amazon.com so if you are an online shopper, this could be a great value for you.
  2. Local bookstores. Many cities that have a State University presence will have several large bookstores that will buy back textbooks from any school.  The nice thing about this is you don’t have to worry about packing your books up, shipping them back, and then waiting for a check.  You can just bring your books in and they will let you know what they can give you for them and get your cash on the spot.
  3. Campus Buyback Days. Most Bryant & Stratton College campuses have Campus Buyback Days where retailers come in to our campuses and buy textbooks back from our students.  If you live near a Bryant & Stratton College campus, this could be really convenient for you.  Call your local campus to see if they participate and when the next buyback event is being held.

As you can see, there are several options for getting cash back for your old textbooks.  Remember, it is never a good idea to send a mass email out to all your fellow students asking if they want to buy your books. One last tip to mention is that it is always a good idea to sell your textbooks as soon as possible after a class if you do not plan on keeping them.  The longer you wait to sell a book back, the less money you will likely get for it since textbooks are constantly being updated to a new edition.  Most textbooks are only used for approximately one school year.  Now all you have left to think about is what you are going to spend all of your cash on.

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