September 7, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Senior Admissions Representative Elizabeth Evans

By B&SC Blog Team

Staff Spotlight: Senior Admissions Representative Elizabeth Evans

Sometimes things around the office can get a little hectic, especially for our admissions team.

Between helping students get into class, speaking with interested students who are ready to enroll and handling any other responsibilities each day, our admissions representatives have a lot on their plates.

That’s why Senior Admissions Representative Elizabeth Evans can be found at the river by her house from spring to fall relaxing with a fishing pole in the water.

“I love to go fishing,” she said. “Well, I love to sit on the bank and pretend I know how to fish. There’s something relaxing about ending the day watching the sun set over the river.”

Elizabeth also shares something in common with each and every one of our online students, she took online classes with Bryant & Stratton College as well. She enrolled in a Paralegal Certificate program just over a year-and-a-half ago and lived the life of an online student as she worked towards completion.

Of the many lessons she learned, the one that stood out the most to her was the importance of knowing your day-to-day schedule each week. She noted that having a plan of attack for each day and week will ensure that you manage your time properly and get all of your work done in a timely manner.

“As an online student you’re faced with new tasks and responsibilities that you didn’t have previously,” she said. “But if you’re prepared from the get-go, you’ll know exactly when you will have time to get work done and will be set up for success.”

Elizabeth’s first-hand experience as an online student has paid off in each and every relationship she forms with students. She said that working closely with her students is her favorite part of her job and playing such a large role in a stranger’s life is extremely rewarding.

For over three years Elizabeth has been helping guide students towards their educational goals. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to build a relationship with her just like so many students before you.

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