May 27, 2022

10 Spotify Playlists for Productive Studying

By B&SC Blog Team

10 Spotify Playlists for Productive Studying

Strong study habits can make all the difference between hours of fruitless cramming and a stress-free experience that actually helps you learn. If, however, you’ve made an active effort to improve your study environment and you’re still struggling, you might need an extra boost. Music can supply this – if you select the right songs.

A growing body of research verifies what music lovers have long known about studying: Certain songs can improve our focus and our mood, both of which deeply affect our studying efforts. Research from the Stanford University School of Medicine, for example, reveals that specific types of music (such as classical compositions) help the brain absorb information.

Knowing which types of music to use can be tricky; specific genres and artists are more appropriate at certain times. On occasion, for example, you might need soft instrumentals when studying for exams – while other situations call for movie soundtracks or upbeat jams to keep you motivated. To help, we’ve compiled a few of the best Spotify playlists currently available:

1. Brain Food

This curated playlist can be downright hypnotic at times, but don’t worry about dozing off when you hit the books. Rather, the lyric-free songs from this collection will get you in a state of flow as you complete your homework.

Head for this playlist when you’re struggling to stay motivated; once these tunes are playing, you’ll be amazed by how quickly your study session can fly by. Meanwhile, you’ll feel relaxed, so worries about your next big test or paper won’t keep you from being productive.

2. Instrumental Study

Instrumental music is one of the best options for enhanced learning but finding the right songs can be tricky when you’re accustomed to songs with lyrics. Therein lies the value of this dedicated playlist, which removes lyrics from the mix. Piano is heavily represented on this playlist, although some percussive elements and other instruments can also be found on certain tracks.

3. Jazz in the Background

Featuring several enjoyable hours of soft jazz music, this playlist will make you feel as if you’re relaxing in a cozy coffee shop or entertaining friends at a sophisticated dinner party. Both concepts can be motivating when you just don’t feel like studying.

You’ll love playing these jazz songs while you’re studying, of course, but you might be tempted to use this playlist for ambient music at home, in the car, or among friends. After a few tries, you’ll come away with a new appreciation for this wonderful music genre.

4. Deep Focus

When you are desperate to avoid distraction, this ambient playlist should do the trick. It’s dominated by post-rock selections which sometimes create a Zen-like ambiance – all while helping you stay motivated. While this playlist’s tracks work wonderfully as background noise or music, they’re also worth trying outside of study time, as many of the songs are intriguing enough to warrant a close listen.

5. Intense Studying

Piano music can promote in-depth study, making it a great choice when you need to home in on your most challenging subjects. This Spotify playlist aims to keep you on task with its vast collection of piano songs, which effortlessly get you in the zone as you amp up your study efforts. Although this playlist is always a wise choice for studying, it may be especially effective if you save it for those inevitable times when you struggle to master a difficult concept.

6. Totally Stress Free

Stress need not be an automatic part of the college experience. Small tactics matter when you’re eager to keep calm. The right music, for example, can help you keep your cool when your to-do list feels like it’s a mile long. Look to Spotify’s Totally Stress Free playlist to ease your worries so you can stop ruminating and start studying.

Lyrics are included for most songs, so this playlist might not provide sufficient focus for some listeners. As such, this approach is most effective when you use Totally Stress Free’s chill songs for the first twenty minutes of your study session. Follow this with one of the more focus-oriented playlists highlighted above, which you can use as long as you need to maintain deep concentration.

7. Chill Lofi Study Beats

Lo-fi music boasts a growing fan base, including many students who want to listen to something that truly sounds original. Short for “low-fidelity,” this genre focuses on subtle, yet intentional imperfections. The goal, as psychologist Elliot Gann explains, is to make you feel as if you’re “hearing music come through the walls.”

While some takes on lo-fi are better for studying than others, you should have little trouble finding something that keeps you engaged. With study right in the name, you can feel confident that this particular Spotify playlist will keep you on task when you need to crack open a book.

8. Creativity Boost

While the playlists highlighted above are generally preferable when you’re studying for an exam, they might not always be sufficient when you need to source ideas for a class project or paper. If you’re on the hunt for inspiration, you just might find it with Spotify’s Creativity Boost collection.

Featuring a variety of tracks referred to as “innovative,” this playlist should be set aside when you need deep focus and, instead, used for a few minutes at a time when you run into a frustrating case of writer’s block – or when you simply need a break. The playlist will quickly get those creative juices flowing so you can return to productive studying.

9. This Is Mozart

Many students swear by classical music for top-notch studying. While a variety of composers should keep you focused and motivated, few offer the blend of concentration and creativity made possible by Mozart’s greatest pieces. Spotify places all the legendary composer’s greatest pieces in one accessible location with This Is Mozart, where you’ll discover everything from relaxing piano melodies to intense operas.

10. Upbeat Instrumental Music

Are you feeling exhausted after pulling an all-nighter? Coffee will help, of course, but you might also need to adjust your study music so that you aren’t accidentally lulled to sleep. Trade in those soft piano tunes or jazz pieces for something a bit more upbeat. The instrumental tracks from this playlist will keep you alert as you finish studying.

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