September 7, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Bernadette O'Connor, Admissions Representative

By B&SC Blog Team

Staff Spotlight: Bernadette O'Connor, Admissions Representative

A former elementary school teacher, Bernadette has been guiding students through the admissions process for the past 18 months.

Her time teaching fourth grade at an all-boys school instilled a positive attitude that she has carried into her position at Bryant & Stratton as she notes the excitement she often shares with each new student she enrolls. Bernadette’s background in education (she has an English degree from Hilbert College) extends beyond her time in the classroom and the numerous Bryant & Stratton students and alumni she’s worked with. While none have been published, Bernadette has written several children’s books with her son as the main character.

“[The books] chronicle each stage of my son’s life as he was growing up and all the adventures he had,” she explained. “Now that he is grown and starts having children of his own, he can share his own stories with them.”

Among her many other talents, Bernadette also boasts a strong skillset in Kan Jam and horseshoes. Although perhaps her greatest gift is connecting and helping the many students she works with each semester.

What is your favorite thing about working at Bryant & Stratton? I love the people I work with! Equally as much, I enjoy working with the students. It makes me happy to help someone start their college career.

Is there one student success story that stands out above the rest? I spoke to a woman in November who only wanted information. She had no intention of enrolling. I spoke with her for an hour and a half, found out she was scared about starting college as a 42 year old. I listened and I encouraged her and within two days she was enrolled. She is now on the Dean’s list!

Give one piece of advice to students as they’re preparing to start classes. College is not easy; rise to the challenges and don’t get discouraged. Having a degree is a huge accomplishment and the best investment you can make in yourself.

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