May 27, 2022

Three Types of Students Who Flourish at Bryant & Stratton College

By B&SC Blog Team

Three Types of Students Who Flourish at Bryant & Stratton College

You’re on the cusp of one of your proudest moments as a parent: Your senior is about to graduate from high school. As a parent, you want to know what’s next for them. Usually that’s college. But college isn’t the one-size-fits-all option that it used to be.

There are many kinds of colleges, each offering a different experience. At Bryant & Stratton College, we offer a number of degrees – from diplomas, to associate’s and bachelor’s degrees – and we give students a quicker path to getting them.

We’ve seen that there are a few kinds of students who thrive here. Your son or daughter may be one of them.

The Highly Focused Student

Some colleges offer just two semesters a year and require a lot of liberal arts courses, so it can take a student months or even years to figure out what major they really want to apply themselves to. But high school students today have more information than ever. More and more of them have a clear sense of what they want their future careers to be. Bryant & Stratton College can offer them a quicker way to get there.

Bryant & Stratton offers three 15-week campus semesters per year, and all our programs are rigorously career focused. If your student knows what they want to do – say, become a nurse, or work in IT, or manage a hotel – then they can come to Bryant & Stratton College, bypass a lot of time spent meeting liberal arts requirements and focus more time on what they’re really passionate about.

The Hands-On Learner

There’s no right or wrong way to learn. Some students do great with textbooks. Others thrive in smaller classes, learning from instructors with real-world experience in their industry and doing assignments that will give them the tools they need for their careers. Some colleges are good for academic learning. Bryant & Stratton College is great for those who learn by doing.

The Transition Time Student

It’s easy to forget how big a transition college can be for your average 18-year-old. One day they’re living at home, learning in a school system that they’ve been in for their whole life. The next day, they’re living with a stranger in a dorm they’ve barely seen before, taking a full load of college courses. A lot of students need more time to successfully make the adjustment.

Bryant & Stratton College offers a different kind of transition. Our programs are flexible, and include both day and evening classes so that students can have greater control over how they make their college transition.

In the end, your student will have to make their own decision about how they want to continue their education. But you don’t just have to sit by and worry. As a parent, you can bring them information and suggest options.

And if you want to learn more about how Bryant & Stratton College could be the right choice for your high school student, our admissions team is always available to talk with you.

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