August 17, 2022

Celebrating World Distance Learning Day

By B&SC Blog Team

Celebrating World Distance Learning Day

World Distance Learning Day is celebrated on August 31st to recognize and embrace learning that takes place outside a physical classroom. Remote learning is completed entirely online live by an instructor, and hybrid options combine learning online and in the classroom. Both options have given flexibility and opportunities to students around the world.

Distance learning has given more individuals the opportunity to have access to online education, allowing traditional education methods to completely transform. High-quality online and hybrid curricula and courses continue to develop, allowing distance learning options to advance. World Distance Learning Day was created to celebrate learning resources and options that are available to students and to show how far the idea of distance education has advanced.

Earning a Degree Online vs. On-Campus

Courses taken online or in a hybrid format come with the same quality, objectives, credits, and learning outcomes as campus-based programs. The student will be assigned tasks, homework, and other work to complete the same way as an entirely in-classroom experience. An online degree offers the same opportunity as a traditional on-campus degree. Earning your degree can allow you to jump into your first career, advance in your current role, or launch a brand-new career path. Taking advantage of distance learning options may be a great option to allow you to achieve your goals while maintaining an excellent school-life balance.

Benefits of Distance Learning

Distance learning gives students the ability to do their schoolwork wherever and whenever they want. Students consider the flexibility of online classes for many reasons, including work, family, and geographic limitations. Distance learning gives the student the opportunity to take control of their time and plan their work and study time around their other commitments. Online and hybrid learning options offer students a chance for more diverse learning and experiences along with offering the ability to connect with people from areas different from their own. Wherever there is internet access, the student can have access to lectures, assignments, and discussions.

Online Learning at Bryant & Stratton College

At Bryant & Stratton College, we proudly offer both online and hybrid learning options to our students. The flexibility of both learning options allows our students to create and stick to their own learning schedules and fit learning between their other day-to-day commitments or into an unpredictable schedule.

Our online programs are built to allow students to do their work on their own time. We use a state-of-the-art learning management system that provides students the opportunity to use a secure learning environment that helps promote the interactive atmosphere that a traditional classroom offers. Our online classrooms feature:

  • Weekly postings of lectures, assignments, and discussion topics
  • The opportunity to have engaging discussions with classmates and instructors
  • Grade tracking
  • 24/7 access to coursework, allowing students access to everything they need on their own schedule
  • Learning modules, discussion boards, and announcements for each course

Blended Learning at Bryant & Stratton College

Blended learning options combine on-campus and online learning, giving students the flexibility of online learning without sacrificing the personal, face-to-face classroom experience offered with on-campus classes.

Blended learning at Bryant & Stratton College helps students make the most of their time. Students gain the 24/7 flexibility of online courses as they work on assignments and assessments wherever they want during the week while still coming to campus for lectures and classroom discussions. The schedule offers students added flexibility to access and complete coursework around their day-to-day commitments while maintaining a traditional classroom experience. While instructors can be reached through email, phone, or other online methods, students can still stop by and ask questions after class. Other benefits include access to campus facilities like computer labs, interaction with classmates, and more, all while gaining the ability to access and complete additional coursework from the comfort of home on a schedule that works best for each student’s needs.

Why Bryant & Stratton College Loves World Distance Learning Day

The internet has completely changed traditional learning and has helped distance learning to grow into what it is now. Our online classroom at Bryant & Stratton College is structured to provide the same feel and culture as an on-campus classroom. Each of our instructors is actively engaged in discussion topics, lectures, course materials, assignments, and tests that are easily accessible to our students. Earning your degree at a distance will allow you to have the freedom to achieve your goals at your own pace.

This World Distance Learning Day, we celebrate all our distance learning students and instructors who are giving themselves and others the opportunity to be successful and earn their degree on their own time and according to their own schedule. If you are looking for online learning flexibility, our virtual campus at Bryant & Stratton College offers many educational options for you to reach your professional goals.

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