November 15, 2021

Criminal Justice Careers with the Highest Demand

By B&SC Blog Team

Criminal Justice Careers with the Highest Demand

When you complete your associate degree in Criminal Justice Studies at Bryant & Stratton College, you will be prepared to enter one of several criminal justice careers. Our Criminal Justice Studies degree helps you develop a broad understanding of the U.S. criminal justice system by introducing you to law enforcement, the court system, corrections, and private security. You will also gain an understanding of the social and ethical aspects of criminal behavior.

Here are some of the best criminal justice career possibilities available:

Security Guard

Security guards play a critical role in the safety and security of companies and organizations, both small and large. They are responsible for monitoring the entry and exit of all employees, guests, and visitors. Other duties include patrolling the facilities regularly, answering any alarms, alerting emergency services personnel in the event of an emergency, and filling out daily reports.

Corrections Officer/Jailer

As a correction officer/jailer, you are responsible for maintaining the head count of prisoners at all times, as well as ensuring their safety. It is your responsibility to ensure the facilities are inspected, and that regular facility maintenance schedules are observed, to minimize the risk of prisoner escapes. It is also your duty to maintain discipline among the inmates. This includes performing routine inspections of inmates, and their cells, to maintain a drug- and weapon-free environment. Corrections officers can work in both county and federal institutions, including juvenile corrections facilities. Your duties may require the use of handcuffs or weapons.

Social & Human Services Assistant

This is the ideal position for individuals pursuing justice studies careers with an emphasis in social work. You will assist social workers by serving clients of all ages to ensure their health and safety. This combines knowledge of psychology, drug/alcohol dependence, rehabilitation programs, and family support outreaches. Your duties may include educating qualifying members of the community about food stamps, money management, government subsidized child care programs, and the importance of housekeeping and sanitation. You will work with your supervisors to make recommendations for placing individuals and/or families into appropriate social- or agency-based assistance programs.

Police Patrol Officer.

A police patrol officer is responsible for making regular rounds in a specified region in order to keep the peace. They also respond to calls for help, whether directly from the public or fielded by a station dispatcher. Police officers also enforce laws, regulate traffic, and provide crowd control. For more information on becoming a police officer, click here.

Security Manager

A security manager oversees the entire security staff, procedures, and protocol for a company or organization. It is their job to create security standards, policies, and procedures for new companies and/or facilities, and they must amend them in response to relevant security risks at any given time. It is the security manager’s responsibility to maintain routine inspections, repairs, and modifications to maintain a facility’s structural safety.

If you are considering one of the criminal justice careers listed above, and are researching the best criminal justice program, make sure your prospective program includes a well-rounded class selection.

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Note: Career information has been provided byO*NET Online. Each of the careers listed on this page has been given their Bright Outlook distinction.

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