November 8, 2022

Preparing for a Career in Hospitality: Advice from CEO of SINA Hospitality Ravi Patel

By B&SC Blog Team

Preparing for a Career in Hospitality: Advice from CEO of SINA Hospitality Ravi Patel

The Bryant & Stratton College hospitality program gives students the skills, experience, and knowledge to work in various hospitality industries. It lays the framework for a successful career in hospitality that can lead to numerous career paths and specializations.

Working with the CEO of SINA Hospitality, Ravi Patel, Bryant & Stratton College has created a partnership to give hospitality students the ability to gain hands-on experience at SINA properties. This internship affords hospitality program students the opportunity to become familiar with different roles within hospitality settings, giving them the chance to learn about the various career paths they can pursue.

SINA Hospitality has worked hard to achieve a remarkable track record of on-time and on-budget developments for world-class hotel brands, with an emphasis on long-term growth and day-to-day operational excellence. The company works with well-known hotel brand leaders such as Marriott, Hilton, IHG, and more. SINA Hospitality currently has 28 premium-branded hotels across six states in the Southeast and Midwest regions.

An internship opportunity with SINA Hospitality covers each of the different departments in a hotel setting. This gives students a sense of what to expect when they start their careers and are part of the day-to-day operations in the hospitality industry. Students can get experience with several different roles in the hospitality field, including front desk work and sales. “Not everyone realizes that you can start at the front desk and work your way up to becoming a hotel manager. There is no one right path to get there, but when one has more experience in different departments, it shows employers that you have the knowledge to continue moving up the ladder,” Ravi said.

Having internship experience on your resume makes you stand out from other applicants when you start your career search. Ravi said, “Having internships on your resume is extremely important. Not only does it show that you have an interest in the field, but [it also shows that you] have the real-world experience needed to jump into the field. Employers understand the importance of an education, but the field can be different from what you are expecting. With experience and background working in the field, you will become more confident.”

“Our partnership with Bryant & Stratton College is one of the best. We have hired both graduates and interns who have shown nothing but positive attitudes and work ethics within our company. The knowledge they gain from the college and hands-on experience at their internships sets them up for a successful career,” said Ravi.

Along with education and experience, having the right attitude and personality will help you excel in a hospitality career. Hospitality employees go to work and are faced with a new day filled with networking and new faces. There is an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to where your career can land and what your path will look like, so it is important to always have a positive mindset and set goals that can help lead you to success.

“Having a positive and upbeat attitude, along with the understanding that hospitality is a customer service business, will help you thrive in the hospitality field. Hospitality comes with its challenges, but with compassion and appreciation for the business, it is not hard to prosper,” Ravi said.

Bryant & Stratton College and SINA Hospitality are always striving to give hospitality students the hands-on experience and knowledge needed to flourish. We are constantly working to ensure hospitality students feel confident in their career paths and are set up for careers that they love.

Learn more about the hospitality program at Bryant & Stratton College here.

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