April 23, 2019

Edward Krohn has Embraced Lifelong Learning

By B&SC Blog Team

Edward Krohn has Embraced Lifelong Learning

Edward Krohn wears a lot of professional hats.

At Bryant & Stratton College, he teaches courses in business principals and strategic and global management. In the civilian world, he works for the Navy Federal Credit Union. And as an Army Reservist placed on active duty, he is part of the Global Forces Management Team at Fort Bragg, N.C.

Krohn returned to the classroom, however, to help him further develop one of his favorite roles – as the coach of the local high school debate team.

At Bryant & Stratton Krohn enrolled in the Teaching Strategies Certificate program to brush up on his skills of interacting and corresponding with students.

“The most beneficial aspect was learning how not only to give feedback but reinforcing the ideology to be in constant communication,” he said. “If they don’t have hands-on or facetime they’re not going to rely on your feedback. They don’t feel they can come to you with their questions,” he said. “We have to be flexible and able to assist them whenever they need us.”

Krohn said he enjoys coaching the team because his passion is to teach critical skills and analytical thinking.

“They are able to take that process and put into it what they’ ve learned in the news. It also allows them the flexibility to give their opinion while being open and receptive to others’ points of views,” he said.

He strives, he said, to teach his students the value of lifelong learning, a value that is also central to Bryant & Stratton.

“You never quit fully learning,” he said. “You can always gain the ability to be more perceptive and see what is going on in your field of expertise.”

The lessons learned in the Teaching Strategies Certificate program even came in handy in other facets of Krohn ‘s life. He said he used the outcomes learned in that program during the classes he teaches at Bryant & Stratton.

Krohn said Bryant & Stratton is a great option for any student as they prepare for work, volunteering and beyond.

“The school is very organized and flexible, ” he said. “Bryant & Stratton works with you, especially military students.”

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