April 22, 2019

Where Can Adult Students Search for Scholarships

By B&SC Blog Team

Where Can Adult Students Search for Scholarships

Financial Aid is the key that unlocks the doors to higher learning for many adults, which is why knowing how to do a thorough scholarship search is a valuable skill. Unfortunately, most returning students take on their fair share of federal and private loans, unaware there are literally thousands of scholarships available if you know where to look. One of the best things you can do to eliminate the financial burden of college is to search for scholarships that will fund your tuition, and possibly your living expenses, to lower the overall cost of your continuing education.

What is the Difference Between a Scholarship and Financial Aid?

In a nutshell, scholarships are a type of financial aid that is gifted or granted to a student because he or she meets the requirements set by the party who funds them. Scholarships are not loans and therefore they do not need to be repaid. By maximizing your scholarship and grant opportunities, you will be able to minimize or eliminate your need for student loans. This puts you a step ahead of the financial game upon completion of your education.

Start Your Adult Scholarship Search by Looking in all the Right Places

College scholarships seem to be lurking in every nook and cranny; the trick is finding them. Many scholarships aren’t professionally marketed or advertised. Here are a few places to begin your scholarship search. Note: Please be wary of any organization that wants you to pay money for your scholarship search.

  • College Financial Aid Office. Many scholarship donors work directly with admissions and financial aid offices to get the word out. Bryant & Stratton also offers our own adult learner scholarships and matches professional organization scholarships. Speak to our Financial Aid Counselors to see if you qualify.
  • Internet Scholarship Search. The internet is a great place to expand your scholarship search. Many of today’s scholarships will conduct the entire application, communication, and notification process online. Use search engines and begin typing keywords and phrases that include everything about you. Scholarships are granted on a variety of criteria such as:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Academic history
    • Ethnic origin
    • Hobbies/talents
    • Being a parent
    • Area of academic interest(s)
    • Disabilities
    • Community involvement
    • Religious affiliation
    • And more!

Use combinations such as “college scholarships for adults”, “scholarship for single moms,” “scholarships for Native Americans,” etc. You will be amazed at what will turn up so get creative and start searching.

  • Public/College Libraries. Speak to a librarian at your public or local college library. They have extensive information regarding college scholarships and can help you begin your search. If you are technologically challenged, the librarians will be more than happy to assist you with an internet search, guiding you through the process, so all scholarship opportunities are open to you.
  • Local Newspapers. Many community service organizations offer college scholarships. They will usually advertise in local papers. While many of these scholarships may be oriented towards high school seniors, there are many others which aren’t.
  • Church or Spiritual Center. Your church or spiritual center may offer scholarships, or may be connected to a larger body that does. Ask your church or spiritual leaders if they are aware of any scholarship opportunities that might be available to you.

he less you need to rely on loans the better. Please contact Bryant & Stratton’s Financial Aid Office for more information on how you can receive scholarships to attend our accredited online school.

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