April 22, 2019

How to Find Scholarships to Pay for Your Degree

By B&SC Blog Team

How to Find Scholarships to Pay for Your Degree

Hunting for additional funding to help pay for school can be a daunting task as determining the starting point is difficult. There are a great number of resources available to students searching for college scholarships. Here are five great methods to get the search for scholarships started:

1. Meet with Your Guidance Counselor Students entering college straight out of high school have the advantage of having access to their high school’s resources. Your guidance counselor can serve as a helpful guide as you navigate the process of applying for scholarships. They can help you find opportunities that are relevant to you and the program you are pursuing, and they probably know a useful tip or two about effectively answering essay questions and filling out applications.

2. Ask Your Employer Companies often have scholarship programs for their employees. You should check with your employer to see what opportunities they may offer. Some companies also offer scholarships for dependents of employees, so ask your parents to check with their employers as well.

3. Check Out Organizations in Your Community Many churches, clubs and other local organizations offer support to students in the community through scholarship programs. Your chances for being selected are even better if you, or your family, are personally involved in the organization. Check with the groups you are connected to first, and then expand your search from there.

4. Google it There are a variety of online resources for finding and applying for scholarships. Many of these resources offer a scholarship matching service, in which you create a profile and enter information about your accomplishments and goals in order to find relevant scholarships. Helpful websites for locating college scholarships include:

  • CollegeBoard.org
  • Scholarship.com
  • FastWeb.com

Keep an eye out for scholarships for online learners – there are a lot of scholarships that are open specifically to students attending online schools.  Be thorough in your search, and fill out as many applications as possible. The more scholarships you pursue, the more money you’ll earn toward your college education.

5. See What Your College Program Offers
Once accepted to a college program, be sure to look into the scholarship opportunities that are offered by the school itself. Bryant & Stratton College Online offers scholarships for students in their online degree programs based on a variety of merits and needs, including:

  • Academic excellence
  • Early enrollment
  • Adult learners
  • Military spouses (Salute to Spouses program)

Bryant & Stratton’s financial aid advisors are available to help students identify scholarships and other financial aid options. To speak with a financial aid advisor, call 1.888.447.3528.

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