August 12, 2019

Three Great Careers in Medical Billing and Coding

By B&SC Blog Team

Three Great Careers in Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding careers are a popular choice for adults who are returning to school to finish their education and advance their professional horizons. In addition to providing salaries, and future job growth statistics that are higher than average, medical billing and coding is a career that provides a great degree of flexibility. Medical billing and coding professionals can work in wide range of professional settings, including hospitals, doctors offices, and health clinics. You will have the ability to work from home, and can eventually start a billing and coding company, overseeing your own staff. 


Is Medical Billing and Coding a Good Job?

That’s a tough question because everyone is different. However, there are a variety of jobs available for someone with an AAS in Medical Reimbursement and Coding from Bryant & Stratton College and they all have a lot of advantages. All information pertaining to the projected job growth statistics through 2020 have been taken from O*

Medical Records and Health Information

Those who work with medical records and health information have a large responsibility. In addition to maintaining the strict confidentiality of the patients, you must accurately transfer the notes and information from their medical records into the facility’s computer system. You will also be responsible for transferring these records to other healthcare providers as needed, as well as communicating with insurance companies. The projected job growth rate in this profession is faster than average. These are good jobs for people who take pride in accurate reporting and in the knowledge that they are helping others get the best care possible.

Billing Cost and Rate Clerk

In this position, you will handle the figuring, coding, and calculating for specific medical costs. Billing Cost and Rate Clerks rely on the information transcribed by those who handle the medical records and health information. You will use this information to bill both insurance providers, as well as patients, and maintain an organized electronic data system for billing and payment tracking. The projected job growth rates for Billing Cost and Rate Clerks are faster than average. These jobs appeal to perfectionists who take joy in working behind the scenes.

Medical Secretary

This is the ideal position for those who enjoy interacting with people on a regular basis. Many professionals employed in medical billing and coding careers work in a more isolated environment, especially if they opt to work from home. Medical secretaries deal directly with the public, as well as other medical staff, in order to schedule appointments, greet patients, and correspond with billing agencies, insurance companies, and other medical professionals. The projected job growth for Medical Secretaries is much faster than average.

If you are interested in learning more about medical billing and coding careers, contact the Admissions Office at Bryant & Stratton College. Our Medical Reimbursement & Coding Associate of Applied Science Degree program will provide the sound educational foundation and training you need to excel in one of these versatile and exciting careers.

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