December 23, 2020

How to land a career in the fastest growing industry in the United States

By B&SC Blog Team

How to land a career in the fastest growing industry in the United States

You probably don’t need a big government agency to tell you that healthcare in the United States is a really big deal. Both for receiving care and providing it. Officially, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that healthcare is growing faster than the average of other fields for all occupations. Behind this growth is the aging U.S. population. More people than ever need – and are going to need – professionally trained people to take care of them.

In healthcare education and career preparation, there are two paths. Clinical and non-clinical. Bryant & Stratton College offers both. The question is: Which is the best fit for you? Are you interested in a career that provides care directly (in-person) to patients? Or do you think you’d prefer to support patient care by focusing on business, financial and administrative areas of the patient experience?

Not quite sure? Perfect. Because the Admissions staff at Bryant & Stratton has everything – and everyone – you need to support and guide you to the decision that’s right for you. Once made, you can hit the healthcare path running (they recommend comfortable shoes) with top faculty and industry experts combining to give you the best hands-on learning experience.

Bryant & Stratton’s Career LifePrep® will put you on the path to success from the initial evaluation of your interests and skills to special preparation designed to make you more marketable to networking and internships – with support and affordable continuing education after you graduate

In healthcare, patients take comfort in knowing they’re being cared for in state-of-the-art facilities. Healthcare students deserve the same. Bryant & Stratton College provides it, with exceptional classroom and clinical facilities. In addition, Bryant & Stratton’s curriculum is carefully matched to industry standards to ensure graduates have the knowledge, training and confidence to pass certification exams.

The growing healthcare field has a special place for you. The dedicated team of instructors and industry professionals at Bryant & Stratton are ready to support you at every step on the path to career success. When healthcare is your calling, Bryant & Stratton is the answer.

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