October 14, 2022

MA Alumni Spotlight: Meet Jessica Yanik '21

By B&SC Blog Team

MA Alumni Spotlight: Meet Jessica Yanik '21

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Jessica Yanik ’21

Program: Medical Assistant

Campus: Cleveland, Ohio

Motivated by the desire to help others, Bryant & Stratton College medical assistant (MA) alumnus Jessica Yanik began searching for a career in the health care field. Knowing that there are endless opportunities for careers in health care, Jessica reached out to Bryant & Stratton College to set up a tour at the Cleveland, Ohio campus and find a program that best suits her.

“I didn’t know that I wanted to become a medical assistant until I sat down at the college and looked at all the different options that are offered. I was provided with all the details and information that I needed, including what an MA is, the job duties, and how important their role in health care is,” Jessica says. The MA program at Bryant & Stratton College prepares students to work in various health care settings and provides them with the critical thinking and medical education that are needed as an MA.

After learning more about the MA program and how the program would give her hands-on experience in the field, Jessica knew that the program was a perfect fit for her as well as Bryant & Stratton. “I loved that there were small class sizes and that you could build personal relationships with your instructors. I was looking for a college that catered everything specifically to the program,” she notes.

Like many others, Jessica faced the challenge of continuing her education during the COVID-19 pandemic. “A few months into my college career, the whole world changed. Aside from on-campus clinical courses, all my classes were switched to distance learning. This was a very difficult adjustment for me, especially having to study at home,” Jessica says.

Although COVID-19 caused many challenges, Jessica was still extremely grateful for her instructors, who helped her remain successful. They continued to make class fun and educational, allowing Jessica and her peers to stay on track and engaged while completing the program at such a stressful time.

Jessica has now been working as an MA at a local family practice in Ohio for a year and a half. “Bryant & Stratton College provided me with the medical education and tools along with hands-on experience, allowing me to become a knowledgeable and confident MA. Learning the main responsibilities of an MA during my college career prepared me for my current job,” she says.

“All the clinical knowledge that I learned from several of the clinical-based classes I took, from communication skills to patient care, are used on a regular basis. MAs do more than just take vitals at a routine appointment; your patient starts with you. If you do your job well and provide the best quality care you can, you will always end the day with a smile on your face,” Jessica notes.

The MA program at Bryant & Stratton College gives students the opportunity to gain new skills and an education that will allow them to learn and grow into a prosperous MA in numerous settings. “I always tell anyone who may be considering the MA program at Bryant & Stratton College not to be discouraged. It is likely that you will walk in not knowing much of anything on your first day, but if you stand your ground and follow through, nothing can hold you back,” Jessica states.

Jessica’s determination to meet her goals is part of what led to her success. “What makes me most proud to be a Bryant & Stratton College graduate is just that I am a graduate,” she says. “I had many doubts within myself that I was able to overcome by staying committed to my goals. When you love what you do for a living, it’s almost like it isn’t even work.”

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