April 22, 2019

Is a Medical Coding Certificate Good for my Career Choice?

By B&SC Blog Team

Is a Medical Coding Certificate Good for my Career Choice?

Prospective students interested in health care certifications often begin their educational journey asking, “is medical billing and coding a good career choice?”

For many, returning to school consumes valuable time, energy, and monetary resources. Researching prospective career opportunities beforehand is key to a successful educational experience. Medical billing and coding careers offer the chance to work in multiple medical settings, making it a wise choice for those who want to enter the health care field. Medical billing and coding professionals enjoy tremendous job flexibility, often creating their own hours and schedules or even starting their own medical billing company.

Is Medical Billing and Coding a Good Career Choice?

There are many reasons why medical billing and coding jobs are a good choice. Job opportunities in the realm of medical records and health information, which includes medical reimbursement, coding, and billing, are expected to grow at a rate of 21% and the median salary for these positions is higher than average. Educated and certificated applicants should have no problem finding a job.

Are you looking for a health care job which requires minimal physical demands but is dedicated to helping others?

The physical and emotional demands placed on doctors and nurses are extreme. If you are attracted to the health care field but aren’t sure you are up for the tasks required by many medical professionals, medical billing and coding jobs are a great fit. They allow you to work with both medical staff and the general public. In addition to organizing medical records and histories using specialized software, you will work with people and insurance companies to accommodate billing needs and tracking their accounts and payments.

Are you someone who likes the idea of working in a variety of different environments over the course of your career?

Medical coding jobs are available in multiple health care niches. Doctor’s offices, hospitals, insurance companies, chiropractic clinic and physical therapy facilities, and home health services are just some of the professional settings which require employees with training in medical billing and coding.

Would you prefer a job which allows you to keep flexible hours or allows you to work from home?

In an effort to reduce office overhead, many medical facilities are opting to move their medical billing and coding services off-site, which means they use freelance employees. Once you have received your education at an accredited college, and completed your training and certification, you can begin to market yourself as a freelance employee. Medical coding jobs are excellent for stay-at-home parents or those who want to supplement their existing income. You can opt to keep a traditional Monday through Friday work week to be in sync with your family, or you may choose to work in the early mornings or later evenings when your children are asleep.

Do you dream of owning your own company someday?

Once you have established enough regular clients, you may find you need additional administrative help. Starting your own medical billing and coding company requires very little overhead, especially if you hire other freelance employees who work from their own homes. Before you know it, you will be spending time out in the field making contacts and promoting your own company. What do you think after reading these answers? Is medical billing and coding a good career choice?

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