March 21, 2022

How Motherhood Inspired a Career in Nursing for Student Turned Educator

By B&SC Blog Team

How Motherhood Inspired a Career in Nursing for Student Turned Educator

Marissa Chavez didn’t foresee a future in nursing while working in marketing for large casinos. She loved her career, but something felt missing in her fast-paced workdays in Las Vegas. It took a life changing experience for her to realize her true calling was in medicine. While living and working in Las Vegas, Chavez found out she was pregnant, and the delivery didn’t go as planned.

“It was a really difficult and interesting experience, and not at all what I expected. My nurses at the hospital were so supportive and helped me get through it,” said Chavez. “They made me fall in love with labor and delivery nursing, and I decided I wanted to go back to school for it.”

Chavez had previously considered pre-med as her major when she was pursuing an undergraduate degree, but it didn’t work out. This time around, she knew that to complete a nursing program as a new mom, she would need support. To start, she moved back to Ohio to be closer to her dad, an adjunct professor at Bryant & Stratton College in Parma at the time.

“He spoke really highly about the College’s medical degrees and the flexible format that would allow me to work and raise my daughter while in school,” she said. “I reached out to learn more about the three- year program to receive a bachelor’s in nursing generalist (BSN), and I knew it was the right fit for my aspirations.”

Once she started at the program, she was reassured in her decision by the supportive staff and her ability to do her schoolwork on nights after work and when her daughter was asleep. She felt as though the College set her up for success despite her difficult circumstances.

After completing her BSN, Chavez went on to pursue her master’s degree in nursing. As graduation approached, she had to decide on whether to pursue advanced practice or become an educator. It was her beloved Biology Instructor, Milica Dionisos, that ultimately inspired her to pursue educating.

“Mrs. Dionisos was a mentor to me throughout my time as a student. She always made everything make sense for her students, and you could tell she really loved the material,” she said. “She inspired me to consider instructing classes on topics that I love and instill a passion in my students for the material.”

Chavez eventually got a call from a Bryant & Stratton College clinical coordinator asking if she would be willing to teach a clinical, but she envisioned herself teaching in a classroom. Thankfully, Chavez learned that the College had an evening OBGYN program, and she began instructing the program shortly after graduation. Today, Chavez teaches a classroom of six students, and she’s grateful to be providing the same personalized education that made her fall in love with the College’s program as a student.

“I can really relate to the students in the program because some of them are starting over or are parents – so we have similar journeys. As a recent graduate, I can employ some of the lessons and teaching styles that were most helpful for me during my experience. It’s been a really rewarding experience for myself and my students.”

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