May 27, 2022

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your BSN Now

By B&SC Blog Team

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your BSN Now

Being a nurse is a rewarding career, but it requires a lot. Between long shifts and an environment that presents constantly changing challenges, it can be hard to find the time to think about taking the next step in your career.

But taking that next step and continuing your education can fit into an RN’s life more easily than you might think. Especially now that you can go from an RN to a BSN with a program that’s 100% online. Whether you’ve just finished your ADN degree or have been working as an RN for some time, we’ve listed some of the main reasons why pursuing an RN to BSN degree is something you should be thinking about.

Here’s why you should consider obtaining your RN to BSN degree:

You can do it 100% online in as little as 12 months

If you’re a working RN, you don’t have much time to spare. But at Bryant & Stratton College, you can get your BSN 100% online in as little as 12 months. Our online program allows you to manage work, family, and school on a schedule that’s right for you. So you don’t have to put any part of your life on hold.

It may be easier to find a job with a BSN

Many hospitals and healthcare providers have changed their hiring practices in a way that favors nurses with BSNs. A study from AACN showed that 94% of BSN grads found a job within 4-6 months of graduation, versus 63.5% of all grads. Plus, 82.4% of employers were said to strongly prefer hiring nurses with a bachelor’s degree. If having job stability is something you care about, furthering your education with a BSN can help.

You can explore different career paths

With a BSN degree, you’ll be able to pursue career paths that weren’t available to you as an RN. Certain specialty positions, like surgical nurse, ICU nurse, OBGYN nurse, travel nurse, school nurse, and case management nurse require at least a BSN degree. Also, if you’re interested in pursuing leadership roles, you’ll need your bachelor’s.

It can lead to better salary and benefits

Another great reason to go back to school to get your RN to BSN is the earning potential. According to AACN, the average salary for an RN with a BSN degree was 13% higher than an RN without one. And that’s just a little sample of what you can achieve financially with a BSN. If you pursue a leadership position, your earning potential and benefits offered will probably be even better in the long run.

If you’re still unsure whether an RN to BSN at Bryant & Stratton College is for you, reach out to one of our advisors. Just as you’re always there for your patients, we’re always there for your career

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