August 7, 2019

The Intangible Benefits of Working in Human Resources

By B&SC Human Resources Team

The Intangible Benefits of Working in Human Resources

There are many human resources benefits for employees to enjoy in this fast-paced field. If you’re looking for a satisfying career path that will offer you daily challenges and great satisfaction, HR may be a great fit. Consider whether these perks appeal to you.

The Joy of Helping People

Working in human resources is all about helping people. As an HR professional, you’re responsible for protecting employee welfare, welcoming new hires into the company, helping with educational reimbursement or health insurance, and setting up job training. You’re the vital point of contact that your co-workers will seek out when they need a helping hand to better their lives. Whether they’re looking to learn about their options for maternity leave, arranging for a vacation, or taking advantage of company benefits like a free gym membership, you’re there to help.

Networking Throughout the Company

Human resource professionals have contact with people throughout the company. While many positions leave people primarily confined to their own departments, an HR professional has reason to interact with everyone from sales to IT to management. This will help you build an extensive professional network. Your contacts could come in handy for everything from a promotion to an exciting opportunity outside the office. If you love connecting with people, this job will give you plenty of chances to do just that.

An Outstanding Salary

As a human resource specialist, you’ll enjoy a median annual salary of

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