August 12, 2019

Questions to Ask Before you Consider a Human Resources Degree

By B&SC Human Resources Team

Questions to Ask Before you Consider a Human Resources Degree

If you are dreading going in to work every day, there’s a good chance you are in a serious job rut and it might be time for a change. During your employment it is likely that you encountered and interacted with an HR professional. But, have you ever stopped to ask if human resources is a good career for you?

The human resources department is extremely important at any company or place of employment for almost every field and industry. Human resources specialists, and other HR professionals, serve as liaisons between employees and their employer. You might be a good fit for a career in HR if you consider yourself a people person or enjoy working closely with others. Though some level of a human resources degree is required to be an HR specialist, there are a number of natural human resources skills from your experience in the workforce that can transfer to this career as well. If you are wondering what skills you might already have that can help you in HR, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Am I a good communicator?

Do you have experience in a position where you were required to use your communication skills? The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is a key asset that you can leverage while working in HR. Since the role of human resources specialists and other HR professionals is to serve as a liaison between employees and their employer. HR specialists are often charged with informing employees on company policy or relaying employee concerns or ideas to the company’s leadership team. In order to best serve both parties, communication is key.

2. Can I make tough decisions?

Individuals make decisions on a daily basis but some decisions, especially ones that affect others, might be more difficult to make. Are you able to make well-informed and fair decisions? HR specialists often have to make tough decisions where the right choice is not always obvious. Their responsibilities sometimes include making hiring decisions or enforcing company policy. The ability to remain levelheaded and objective is important for those interested in this career.

3. Am I an organized person?

Being organized isn’t something that comes easy to everyone. Those who enjoy staying organized possess a valuable character trait needed for HR effectiveness. The duties of a HR specialist usually include maintaining employee records and company files. Depending on the company size, this could be a considerable task.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you already possess some of the skills needed to be an HR specialist. Pursuing a human resources degree may be the first step toward the professional change you were looking for. Click here for more information on taking that step.

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