July 27, 2016

Easily Transition to ICD-10 with Our New Online Training Seminar

By B&SC News Team

Easily Transition to ICD-10 with Our New Online Training Seminar

Certified medical coders can now sign up for a five week online course to get trained on ICD-10, the new standard for diagnostic classifications. The program, available through Bryant & Stratton College, is one of only a few like it nationwide.

“This completely replaces ICD-9,” said Ann Shaul, Professional Skills Center Manager at Bryant & Stratton College. “All coders must make the transition, and we help you do it easily.”

The previous coding system, ICD-9, consisted of three to five primarily numeric codes that combined to make more than 14,000 unique diagnosis codes. The new system uses three to seven alphanumeric digits to make more than 69,000 unique codes. Because the coding process is now more detailed, there is an increased demand for qualified medical coders to keep up with workload.

Students will be given a concise overview of both ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding and ICD-10-PCS procedure coding. Instructors will teach the guidelines, code structure, format, and definitions. Students will then practice assigning codes in coding exercises and interactive case studies.

Students will also benefit from Career LifePrep™ at Bryant & Stratton College, a unique set of experiences that helps prepare students at every step in their academic journey, both while in college and after graduation so that they may achieve not only a more fulfilling career, but a more fulfilling life. From starting with a one-on-one consultation to determine their best career direction and academic path to becoming marketable and successful professionals in their chosen fields, graduates can count on Bryant & Stratton College to see them through their career and life pursuits.

The college is enrolling now for the next class start date – 1September 7. For more information, call 1-888-273-2758 (select option 1 ext. 6045).


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