April 22, 2019

Advice for First Time Online College Students

By B&SC Blog Team

Advice for First Time Online College Students

Starting your online degree program on the right foot is important. Luckily, Bryant & Stratton College Online requires all new students to complete the First Year Experience Program. This program is designed to give you a support system that will help you succeed in your college years and beyond.

Here are more tips on how to succeed during your first year of college:

Know your college support team: Academic Advisors and Instructors
Academic advisors and instructors can be a big part of your support network at college, so get to know them well. New students at Bryant & Stratton College Online will work with a personal academic success coach throughout their first semester. This relationship is key for the first semester as new students have the opportunity to lean on their success coach for guidance when needed. After your first semester a student will continue to work with an academic advisor specific to the degree program they’re pursuing. Academic advisors can tell you which courses you need to take to graduate on time and may help you save both time and money. Instructors on the other hand are a great resource for individual class help. When you establish a good relationship with your instructor you’ll have an easier time asking questions and getting the help you need to excel in a class. Instructors can also serve as great references for job opportunities or networking opportunities.

Buckle down:
Just because you are taking classes online doesn’t mean that you can skate by without putting in the effort. Log into your classes, stay on top of discussions and create plans to complete class assignments. If you’re juggling a job or family responsibilities there may be a time when you need to ask for an extension, your instructor will be more likely to grant that request if your are a student in good standing.

Ask questions:
Don’t wait to ask for help if you find yourself falling behind or struggling with a course. Find classmates you trust to ask for help or reach out to your instructor. Bryant & Stratton College Online also offers tutoring services, online tutors and 24-hour access to our online library to help catch you up to speed.

Stay balanced:
It’s great to be focused on your academics, but you need to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle both in and out of school. Continue to do things in your life that make you happy, like exercising and spending time with your family and friends. Take care of all of yourself, not just your brain, in order to avoid overworking yourself and burning out.

Bryant & Stratton College Online is dedicated to helping students succeed in their first year of college and throughout their entire professional career. We’ve been preparing students for a lifetime of success for nearly 170 years.

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