April 22, 2019

The Most In-Demand Jobs Requiring Certificate Programs

By B&SC Blog Team

The Most In-Demand Jobs Requiring Certificate Programs

The most in-demand jobs in the today’s market usually call for applicants to have completed a certificate program. Fortunately, online certificate programs make it possible for single parents, full-time employees, and those just entering the job market, to complete a certificate and/or degree according to their own schedule. Here are examples of jobs in high demand that can be attained by completing a certificate program:

Accounting & Finance: The success of any business depends on the education and experience of its accounting and finance personnel. Without a proper financial plan, detailed and organized financial records, and strict adherence to tax and finance laws, it is difficult for a business to be profitable. Because of this, qualified applicants are in such high demand. Examples of jobs in accounting and finance with big potential include bookkeeping/ accounting/ auditing clerks, tax preparers, claims adjusters and investigators, and financial managers.

Business: Whether your goal is to become a first line manager, or to just increase your earning potential in your current career, an online business degree will provide the information and training you need to help your business run efficiently and to craft relevant business plans based on current market trends. Examples of in-demand jobs requiring a business certificate include business management positions, information clerks, sales representatives, and first line supervisors.

Criminal Justice: The realm of criminal justice continues to expand which is why those interested in a criminal justice career need an education that provides practical training as well as a foundation in criminal psychology and theory. Detectives, criminal investigators and social and human service assistants will enjoy higher earning potential after completing a certification program that covers criminal law, including local, state, and federal criminal mandates.

Health Care: New Universal Healthcare legislation, combined with the rising retirement population, has created a multitude of openings in the field of healthcare. Whether you want to work healing people, or desire to build a career in healthcare administration, you can work in a variety of different medical settings. Opportunities for medical assistants and medical secretary positions are growing at a very high rate.

Hospitality Management: Has your restaurant or hotel career flatlined? It may be time to finally pursue a degree in hospitality management. Careers which often require background in hospitality management include lodging managers and meeting, convention, and event planners. Educational and professional training will open doors to hospitality positions in restaurants, hotels, and resorts around the world.

Are you ready to begin preparing yourself for jobs with certificate training at their core? Apply for a certificate program in demand now and become a confident prospect for these and other in-demand jobs.

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