December 22, 2020

Semester Roadmap For Online Students

By B&SC Blog Team

Semester Roadmap For Online Students

Ready to start your degree with Bryant & Stratton College? The start of your first semester as a Bryant & Stratton College student is an exciting time but sometimes it can be a little intimidating as well. But the student services team has a team ready to help students achieve success. This semester roadmap illustrates how the student services team supports our students from day one until they cross the stage at graduation.

First Semester

Welcome to your first semester! During your first semester, you will want to focus on what study techniques and habits work best for you. You will want to try to discover the following:

  1. What time of day am I most productive?
  2. How many hours a week do I need to complete my readings and homework?
  3. Do I have a schedule in place that I will stick to?
  4. Do I know how to contact my instructors?

If you need assistance determining the above, you will want to reach out to your Academic Success Coach. They will be your main point of contact and help you get into the swing of things! You will also spend the first couple weeks getting acclimated to Blackboard and the virtual classroom. These things take a lot of getting used to, but do not get discouraged. Once you solidify your routine and are comfortable navigating Blackboard things will get a lot easier for you!

Second Semester

At the start of your second semester, you will transition from an Academic Success Coach to an Academic Advisor. Just like your Coach previously was, your Advisor(s) will be your main point of contact. You will work with Advisor(s) who specializes in your specific degree program until graduation. Your Advisor(s) will provide clarification on schedules, degree curriculum, graduation dates and tools for being successful. In this semester, you will begin to build a relationship with your Academic Advisor(s) and should make appointments with him or her frequently to stay on track. You will want to start keeping track of the following:

  1. Credit hours completed
  2. Degree requirements
  3. Graduation Date

It is important to track your progress, so you know you are progressing toward graduation. You can find your degree requirements in the course catalog: I suggest you print your specific program requirements and mark off each class you take to keep yourself organized.

Final Semester

Early in your final semester you will want to beginning thinking about and planning what comes after graduation. You will want to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I want to further my education? If so, does Bryant & Stratton College offer the program in my state? You can find program offerings here:
  2. Do I want to start looking for internships or a career? What kind of career am I interested in? I recommend using to explore your desired job(s) and the requirements in your state. This will help you determine what education level you should complete.
  3. Have I started prepping for interviews? Is my resume ready?
  4. Am I attending a graduation ceremony? Do I want to attend the graduation ceremony?

In the last session of your final semester, Career Services will contact you. They will be a great resource. They will help coordinate graduation ceremony attendance. They can also help you polish your resume, conduct mock interviews and more!

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