December 8, 2020

6 Questions to Ask Your Professor in an Online Class

By B&SC Blog Team

6 Questions to Ask Your Professor in an Online Class

If you are registered for an online course this semester, you may still be acclimating to a learning experience that is much different from a traditional, on-campus class. Perhaps the largest difference is that you likely have not met your professor in person, and the vast majority of your lectures, assignments, and other interactions throughout the semester will be solely online. Just because you are not meeting with your professor face-to-face on a frequent basis, however, does not mean that you cannot ask him or her questions. Here are six important questions that every student in an online course should ask his or her professor:

Why did you choose this specialty?

If you have not yet done so, you may wish to contact your professor to introduce yourself and to tell him or her why you are interested in this class. It is equally important to ask your professor how he or she became interested in the field. Have they always been passionate about this subject? Did they have a favorite class in college that helped them choose their career? This may provide you with more insight into what will be emphasized in the course and what additional career options could be pursued after graduation. Asking this simple question can help you make a great impression on your professor.

What are your expectations in this class?

It is also wise to ask your professor about his or her expectations during the course. You can ask about workload, such as how often you will receive assignments and take tests-this may also be outlined in the syllabus. You can likewise inquire about how often your professor expects you to communicate with him or her, as well as anything else that you may need to know to succeed in the class.

How can I prepare for success?

It is important to show your interest in success, as well as your commitment to working hard. Ask your professor about the typical characteristics of successful students in his or her course, and then try to emulate these characteristics.

What are your office hours? Is additional help available?

At same point during the semester, you may find yourself struggling with the material. It is always smart to ask early on in your courses if professors hold office hours and what they are. If the professor is not offering extra help, ask what additional resources he or she can recommend for success in the class.

Is an internship or capstone project required? If so, are there internships you recommend?

Many students prefer to get professional experience prior to jumping into a career, so it is beneficial to know if an internship or capstone project is required or just recommended. Asking this question not only provides you with useful information, but allows you to network with your professor, who could connect you to past students who are working in the field.

What can I do to improve?

Once the course is underway and you have turned in your initial assignments, it is a great idea to ask your professor what you can do to improve. If you are writing papers, for example, you can ask for suggestions about how to better develop your revision/research skills or ask for feedback on your grammar. Ask these questions early so you can begin improving, but also continue to ask them throughout the class to build on your progress throughout the semester.

As with any other course, the key is to form a strong relationship with your professor. It is important to demonstrate to your instructor that you are committed to the course, interested in the subject, and willing to work hard in order to do well. Proving your work ethic to your professor and creating a personal bond may lead to them writing you a letter of recommendation in the future when applying for jobs. It is important to remember that at one time, professors were undergraduate students too and now want to help you succeed and reach your goals.

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