April 22, 2019

Why College Certificate Programs Are Increasing in Popularity

By B&SC Blog Team

Why College Certificate Programs Are Increasing in Popularity

Certificate programs provide nationally recognized credentials that can replace or supplement a traditional degree program. They are offered in a wide variety of subjects, from IT security and web design to business finance and human resources compliance.

Certificate programs are increasing in popularity for several reasons. These reasons include their ability to be completed in a reasonable time frame and their flexibility in regards to existing work and life schedules. Certifications will enhance your resume potential and may often boost an employee’s earning potential. A certification program can serve as the bridge between an old career pathway and a new one.

In some cases, companies require specific certifications preceding an employee’s advancement and/or wage increase. Here are some of the many reasons you may want to pursue one of the many certificate programs offered at Bryant & Stratton College.

Complete your certification in a reasonable amount of time

The idea of returning to school for two to four years, or more, can seem daunting. That doesn’t always fit into the lifestyle of working individuals and/or families. Our instructor-led certification programs can be completed in less than eight weeks. Our students also have the option of choosing a self paced certification program where you can complete your academic workload in a time frame more conducive to your current schedule. Some students are able to complete their certification requirements in less than 7 1/2 weeks.

Your certification program is flexible

Whether you choose to participate in an instructor led or self paced certification program, your work load can be scheduled around your current work and/or academic schedule. No need to stare longingly at traditional college classes scheduled during the day from Monday through Friday. Our online certification program will offer classes and coursework scheduling that can accommodate your other responsibilities.

Enhance your resume potential with a respected certificate

Are you thinking of changing professions or finding a new job? If so, you know that a competitive employment market is a challenge. It is important to make sure your resume stands out from the pack. A recognized certification is a means of quantifying your education and training in a way that makes sense to prospective employers. Rather than sifting through varying employment experiences, or degrees that may be unrelated to the current job openings, your relevant certification is a beacon that highlights your potential, and it can move your resume into the interview pool.

Interested in increasing your earning potential? Department of Labor research shows that higher levels of education and training increase earning potential and decrease your chances of being unemployed. It used to be that job experience was enough to move you up the pay scale if you remained with the same company. Now, many companies require their employees to obtain certifications, or further academic credentials, in order to work their way up the ladder. Certificate programs provide the opportunities you need to enrich your education and develop your skill sets so you will be eligible to maximize your earning potential and take advantage of the career advancement opportunities available to you.

Are you interested in pursuing a certificate program to enhance your career prospects?>

Contact the Admissions Office at Bryant & Stratton College. Our admissions counselors look forward to helping you choose the certificate program best suited to your academic and professional goals.

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