December 22, 2020

Five Questions New Online Students Ask

By B&SC Blog Team

Five Questions New Online Students Ask

Whether you’re brand new to college or returning after some time off, starting school can be intimidating. We get it, you’re stepping into a new atmosphere, taking on subjects that you might be unfamiliar with; all with an end goal of achieving your career goals. The good news is that Bryant & Stratton College student services is here to help guide you through your educational journey. From day one, right up until graduation, our team of advisors are here to provide you support.

And since we know there are a lot of questions students have, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions new students tend to ask as they begin online classes with Bryant & Stratton College.

1. How do I contact Bryant & Stratton College? (And how does Bryant & Stratton College get in touch with me?)

Every student will have their own Bryant & Stratton College student email that is created once you’ve enrolled. Your instructors and advisors will use your student email as the primary contact method if they need to reach out to you but sharing your personal email with your instructor and advisor is helpful too.

New students will receive communication from their advisors as they begin their first semester. Students are encouraged to email their academic advisor and student success coach with any questions or concerns they may have.

2. How do I view my schedule?

First go to Student Success and then click on Go to Self-Service Banner (SSB)

Enter in your sign-on information and click the Log In button.

  • User ID: your “B-ID”
  • Password: Is what you changed it to previously when accepting financial aid.

Once logged in, click on Student & Financial Aid then click on Registration and then lastly click on Active Registration and you will see your classes for the 2019 Fall Semester.

Also, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with myBSC as you will use the site to access everything from your classes to helpful resources related to financial aid and the bookstore. You can access myBSC by using the following link: Student Portal

3. What is a Session vs. A Semester?

The class schedule at Bryant & Stratton College follows what we refer to as sessions. Bryant & Stratton College still follows a semester format where students take a set number of classes over the course of 15 weeks. What’s different about Bryant & Stratton College is that our traditional 15-week semester is split into two seven-and-a-half-week sessions. Full time students will take two classes at a time in those seven-and-a-half weeks sessions. That still equates to a full course load over the span of the entire semester, only split in half in order to allow students more time to devote to each of their classes.

4. How do I order my books? / How do I know if I need to order books?

You will find out if you need to order books using our online bookstore. When you log into myBSC in the top right corner there is a tab for the Bookstore. Your books will automatically be added to your cart based on the schedule that is in Self-Service Banner. You will need to review this “cart” before pressing submit! Below are some more important notes;

  • Please note that if you are re-taking a class and already have the correct book then you will need to remove this book from your cart
  • If two of your courses use the same book please ensure that you are ordering only one copy (For example: MAAT 120 and MAAT 125 use the same textbook)
  • To access the bookstore, go to this site. Order both Session 1 and Session 2 books. Do not wait to order Session two books as the bookstore closes a couple weeks after the start of Session one.
5. What resources are available to me?

There are many resources available to you as a Bryant & Stratton College student, such as 24/7 Online Tutoring through SmartThinking. There is also a Virtual Library available to you on our website. Our Success Coaches and advisors will also be there for you when you have questions!

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