April 23, 2019

Five Things Students Ask Advisors

By B&SC Blog Team

Five Things Students Ask Advisors

Tuition. Class registration. Homework uploads. Research. Sick days. Log-ons.

There is a lot of information that new students need to learn. And, academic advisors are asked a lot of questions. Chances are, if need an answer, your advisor can point you in the right direction.

Think your advisor hasn’t heard it? Think they are going to judge you by your questions? Don’t worry. Advisors have heard them all and would prefer you ask than go it alone.

Brooke Urban, Senior Academic Success Coach, has helped us count down the top five questions students ask their advisors.

  1. How do I contact my instructors? Urban said there are many avenues. To start, there is an “ask the instructor discussion board” built into every class. Other students also can comment on this board and may be able to provide an answer to your question. Urban said this is also a good place to build bonds with your classmates. Instructors have email and live office hours too. All of that information is going to be online under the “Meet your instructor tab.”
  2. How do I navigate the online classrooms and where do I submit my work? First term students, and anyone who needs a refresher, can attend online orientation. While the session is not required, advisors highly push students to sit through it. The course outlines how to use the online system and actually gives students hands on time to go into an online discussion group and upload an activity. Urban said it will greatly help students get comfortable with the online environment. If you skipped the orientation you can go back at any time and take it.
  3. I’m feeling overwhelmed and having a hard time managing my time – Urban said advisors have a lot of students who come to them for advice when they feel overwhelmed. To help students learn to manager their time, they have them fill out a time management log and be honest about how much time they spend working, studying and lounging. They, she said, the student and counselor will go back and find places to take time to focus on schooling. Urban said often students find that when they get a hold on their time management for school, they have better time management on the job as well.
  4. How do I change my major? Urban said some students think they may have picked the correct major but after a semester in those classes they feel otherwise. Urban said counselors can work with students to change their major at the end of the semester. At this point the student will also work with career services to make sure they are studying what they need to be in the type of job they want. Urban said they work hard to make sure the student is placed correctly and does not change majors over and over again.
  5. How do I get additional help with the class materials? Urban said there is 24-hour, online tutoring services available as well as a writing center. At the center students can drop off a finish paper and ask that it be checked for grammar, spelling and other basics. A virtual library is also available for all students.

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