August 23, 2021

Computer Networking Careers

By B&SC Blog Team

Computer Networking Careers

Before you make the financial and energetic investment required to begin a degree program, it is a good idea to research the career fields that will open to you upon graduation. Things to consider include whether or not you will enjoy the work required of you, lifetime earning potential and projected employment opportunities over the course of the next decade or two. If you enjoy working with computers, troubleshooting problems, and being a hero for the day when you repair crucial computer and networking glitches, becoming a network administrator or computer support specialist is a great way to honor your interests and make a difference in the corporate world.

When you complete a computer networking degree at Bryant & Stratton College, these are the kind of future careers you might enjoy All statistics regarding projected job growth through 2020 is provided by O*Net Online.

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

When you work as a network computer systems administrator, you are responsible for installing and supporting a company’s local area networks and wide area networks (LAN and WAN), as well as their internet, hardware and software systems. Once the system is up and running, you will make sure everyone’s system is working and will provide maintenance and technical support as issues arise. In small companies, you may be the single computer support person and referenced as a network technician. In larger companies, you may work in a supervisory position, administering other computer support personnel. The projected employment growth is higher than average.

Computer User Support Specialists

Most computer user support specialists work under a network and computer systems administrator. They may work at a large company, or can be contracted to work from home. They provide computer support to customers who are experiencing problems. In some cases, they may be able to provide instruction over the phone or online. In other cases, they may be required to work on the computer or network in person. Their services are used to provide support for computer hardware and software, in addition to printers, scanners, work processors, email, and operating systems. The projected job growth is average but you do have the chance to upgrade to the network administrator position over time

Computer Systems Analysts

This is a unique position because in addition to knowing the skills required of other computer support specialists, you will be responsible for evaluating a company or organization’s needs, and then designing the computer and networking system that will accommodate them in the immediate and long-term future. You may help to implement first generation systems, or called upon to review existing systems in order to recommend and implement beneficial improvements. You will review and analyze computer and system performance indicators in order to identify problems and create solutions. The projected job growth is higher than average.

Computer, Automated Teller, and Machine Repairer

As a computer, automated teller and machine repairer, you will understand how to troubleshoot system-wide and network related problems, in addition to repairing the mechanical aspects of business-related equipment such as computers, printers, word processing systems, automated teller machines, copiers and fax machines. You will also be able to educate your clients about the equipment you repair, and make recommendations as to adjustments, improvements, or replacements as needed.

Network Engineer

Also known as a computer network architect, these professionals are responsible for maintaining network connectivity for systems such as phones, computers, routers, wireless networks, intranets, and extranet. While they do maintain these elements, they may also help in the configuration and troubleshooting of problems to ensure optimal network performance. A bachelor’s degree may be preferred when applying for this role, so be sure to check job descriptions prior to applying.

Start Your Computer Networking Journey Today

If you are interested in pursuing a computer networking degree at Bryant and Stratton College, our networking technology associate degree is a great place to start. This will prepare you to take relevant certifications and will open entry-level positions to boost your career in the information technology field. If you are looking for more advanced careers after graduation, students can then pursue a bachelor’s degree in network operations or computer engineering. Contact us today to begin navigating your path towards a successful and rewarding career in computer networking.

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