December 22, 2020

Discover Electronic Technology at Bryant & Stratton College

By B&SC Blog Team

Discover Electronic Technology at Bryant & Stratton College

Open the door to a world of positions in the electronics field with a degree in Electronic Technology or Electronic Engineering Technology from Bryant & Stratton College’s Parma campus.

Career opportunities as electronic technicians or in advanced industrial positions in the electronics field are among the careers available for graduates of these two programs. Students will enjoy a comprehensive degree program that combines hands-on laboratory work with classroom lectures. That important hands-on work will expose students to industry-standard equipment that they can expect to encounter and use once employed.

While both the associate degree in Electronic Technology and the Electronic Engineering Technology bachelor’s degree are specialized degree programs, students shouldn’t feel intimidated as they research what each program has to offer. In fact, Bryant & Stratton College System Director of Academic Operations, Bill Wright notes that the associate degree program in Electronic Engineering is a fitting program for someone who isn’t familiar with electronics at all or someone who has been in the field but knows they need a degree for career advancement.

He adds that the Electronic Technology degree program is an excellent fit for military veterans who were trained while on active duty and who are searching for educational and career opportunities.

It’s encouraging for those with little-to-no prior knowledge of electronic technology or electronic engineering to have a path to an education like the associate degree. The associate degree’s ability to provide additional credentials for those working in the field not only opens the door for career advancement, but opportunities to continue their education in electronic engineering in the future.

The path from associate degree to bachelor’s degree can put graduates on the track to career opportunities in manufacturing, installation, operation and service throughout the electronics and electronic technology field. Something that is instilled in students thanks to the hands-on nature of the program.

“The hands-on skills encompass soldering, wiring, component manipulation, and component assembly,” Wright said. “It is through this practice that students develop the skills used in the work environment. This experience is an essential part of these programs for Bryant & Stratton.”

Both the Electronic Technology and Electronic Engineering Technology degrees place an additional onus on critical-thinking, math and observational skills. All traits that are vital for career success.

One thing that Wright also points out is that neither of these programs are focused solely on computer or software design programs. Both the associate degree in Electronic Technology and the bachelor’s degree focus on manufacturing, maintenance and other key aspects of electronic systems.

Depending on experience level, students may opt to begin their career and educational pursuit with the associate degree in Electronic Technology. In just under two years, students can gain the foundational knowledge needed for entry level positions in the electronics field while also setting themselves up for additional educational opportunities upon graduation. Graduates of Bryant & Stratton’s Electronic Technology associate degree will only need four more semesters and 56 additional credits to complete the bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering Technology.

Whether pursuing an entry level education with the Electronic Technology associate degree or if you’re seeking a more in-depth education with the Electronic Engineering Technology bachelor’s degree, Bryant & Stratton College has a program that will fit you.

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