April 18, 2019

Why More IT Professionals Are Turning to Online Degree Programs

By B&SC Blog Team

Why More IT Professionals Are Turning to Online Degree Programs

The realm of information technology (IT) is constantly evolving, which is why more students and professionals choose to complete their information technology degree online.

There was a time when IT professionals could learn the skills they needed without a formal education. However, in the current market, an IT degree shows business owners, and clients, that an individual has the education, skills, and credentials proving s/he is a professional. Plus, online degree programs are a convenient choice for those who are already working in the field, and want to continue their education without sacrificing their work or family life. Here are some of the top reasons why more information technology professionals are turning to online degree programs.

Universally recognized credentials While some IT professionals work for a company or a corporation, many are choosing to work from home as independent contractors. Either way, the more powerful your resume is, the more likely you are to be considered for prospective jobs. An IT degree, or a degree in networking and/or security technology, is an academic credential recognized across the national and global workplace. While work experience is a valuable asset, a degree is a mark of achievement every HR department and prospective client understands. In many cases, an online degree will move your application into the interview pile because it shows you have chosen to hone your skills, and are dedicated to becoming an expert in the field of IT.

A degree at your convenience For many adults, attending a full-time campus is not an option. Many IT professionals are already working full-time and/or have families. You may already have career using your AOS in Information Technology, but are interested in specializing in mobile application technology, security, or networking. Getting your information technology degree online is the best way to maintain your current work and family schedule while simultaneously prioritizing your academic and career goals. Online classes can be scheduled around your working hours and family obligations.

Keep your education current Mobile technology and the increasing presence of cloud computing, means current IT professionals have to update their education on a regular basis. A basic knowledge of hardware and software programming is no longer enough. With the right information technology degree online, you can take courses that will bring you up to date on the newest computer, mobile, and cloud computing innovations. In addition to our fundamental hardware and software programming and network management courses, Bryant & Stratton College offers online IT courses that include beginning and intermediate internet and Android programming, Java programming, network security, computer forensic fundamentals and ethical hacking. These degree programs allow our students to remain competitive in the IT job market.

Increase your salary potential It’s a fact that an education increases your earning potential. Those who have a college degree earn more, experience lower unemployment rates, and have access to better job opportunities. If you are interested in promoting from within your company, or applying for a new job that is higher on the career ladder, obtaining an information technology degree online can help you to achieve those goals, and will increase your net worth. If you would like to learn more about our information technology degree programs, please contact the Admissions Office at Bryant & Stratton. We look forward to helping you achieve your academic and professional goals.

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