May 15, 2019

Start a Career in Mobile Application Development: An Online IT Degree

By B&SC Blog Team

Start a Career in Mobile Application Development: An Online IT Degree

From hailing a cab to buying your friend coffee to tracking your sleep patterns, mobile applications have become part of nearly everything we do. This means the demand for mobile apps – and the professionals who create them – is on the rise. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of applications software developers is expected to grow 28 percent by 2020. As part of our commitment to offer our students the most current and in-demand degrees, Bryant & Stratton College Online is excited to announce a new Information Technology Online Degree with a focus on Mobile Applications Development Associate of Occupational Studies degree.

This degree will prepare students interested in an online IT degree to write programs for mobile applications for use on contemporary mobile devices. If you’ve ever thought of a great idea for a mobile app and have an interest in the being part of one of the most vibrant niches in the technology industry, then this degree program could be for you. Mobile app developers work in a variety of settings. The IT with a focus on Mobile Application Development degree will prepare students for entry-level positions with software development companies, business environments and corporate training development organizations.

Plus, first time students can now apply for the new Technology Scholarship in the following amounts: Full-time students ($1000), ¾ time students ($750), half-time students ($500). Before enrolling in this online IT degree program , here are a few things to consider about the mobile app development field:

  • Sticking out tough problems. Creating an app doesn’t happen on the first try. Often you will have to go back to the drawing board several times before you get an app that is ready to distribute in the marketplace – and even then you’ll have to be ready to deploy newer, better versions. However, all that persistence pays off in the rewarding feeling when you complete the project.
  • The only constant is change. You’ll need to adaptive in this field. New customer demands and advances in technology often drive rapid changes to the way apps are developed. If you thrive off learning and are always up for a challenge you may like mobile app development.
  • Non-tech skills. Being able to effectively communicate with your team and your client (if you have a client-facing position) is key because when it comes to apps. You’ll be testing the software over and over again to try to troubleshoot problems and that will involve some give and take with other people. While having the technical knowledge is the base of having a successful career, skills like communication, self-motivation and focus will serve you well in this field.

The job market for Information Technology is expanding rapidly.  If you are looking for an exciting career opportunity that allows you to hone many skills and keep you expanding your knowledge for years to come, check out our online IT degree for Information Technology with a focus on Mobile Applications Development.

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