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    The most important word in this student groups’ title, is “allied”. Together, they raise money to help local nonprofits. Together, they host blood drives to bring much needed blood to the sick. Together they are students in both medical and non-medical fields driven by a single mission: to help their community.  “I personally like the enthusiasm our club brings to brain storm ideas on fundraisers and where to donate our fundraising funds to,” said Len Lukasik ...

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    Nursing students can often spend 40 hours a week attending class, clinicals and internships. Who has time for extracurricular activities? The National Student Nurses' Association is not a typical activity. This club can help students further their career. Tiyana Thomas, president of the National Student Nurses’ Association chapter at Bryant & Stratton University’s Richmond Campus said the organization’s primary goal is to mentor and help professionally develop nursing stud...