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    As an online student you may wonder how to best prepare for those papers and tests that account for a significant portion of your grade. If this is your first time sitting for an online final, this may be especially true. One key way to prepare for online finals is to ask your professor these five questions: 1. “How will this final differ from a traditional final?” The very first question on your mind, and a great one to ask your professor, is how online finals differ from the tra...

  • Catherine Martin

    Taking an online course can be a welcome change of pace from a traditional, in-person class, no matter whether it is your first or fifth experience with online education. However, if you are about to take your first online course, you may be nervous about how to do your best. If you are, take note of the top five things to remember when learning online: Research the class and school Before you enroll for an online class, it is important to research the course and the host university. Occas...

  • Bryant & Stratton College Blog Staff

    In many ways, online degree programs are very similar to traditional learning – you learn the same concepts, and you study from similar materials. But a common misconception about the difference between online and traditional education is that the student engages in less interactions with instructors and classmates. In fact, virtual learning might just be more interactive. If you are considering getting a degree online, here’s what you can expect from the online classes at Bryant &am...