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    Chances are good that if you're exploring solid options to embark on a first or second career, health informatics is a term you've seen on many lists of up-and-coming employment sectors. Health informatics workers are in very important in today's healthcare industry and demand for them is high – and continues to rise. So what is health informatics and why is it important? About Health Informatics Health informatics is a specialized field within the healthcare industry that combines commun...

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    Do you want to go back to school, but just can’t decide on a degree? Are you looking for a degree in a new and exciting field that also offers growth potential? Bryant & Stratton College Online rolled out a new degree program for the fall 2010 semester: a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health Services Administration. The health services administration degree offers students the opportunity to gain a wide range of health-related knowledge and skills in the management sector of he...