• Bryant & Stratton College Blog Staff {entry_date}

    The information technology industry is constantly changing and evolving. While an IT diploma or degree is a powerful foundation for your future career, it's far from the only relevant item that you'll want on your resume. As an entry-level professional, it's crucial that you demonstrate your skills to potential employers. Lacking a long job history in the field, a collection of smart information technology certifications is the best way to highlight your employability. Check out these IT certifi...

  • Chris Ostrander {entry_date}

    People who are interested in pursuing an IT career are often surprised to find that ethics in information technology is an area of study in college-level information technology courses. So why would someone who is studying to be a technology assistant or working towards a networking or security technology degree need to learn ethics? The answer to that question lies in examining the tremendous and growing impact information technology has on virtually all aspects of our lives and society as a wh...