• Bryant & Stratton College Blog Staff {entry_date}

    If you are dreading going in to work every day, there’s a good chance you are in a serious job rut and it might be time for a change. During your employment it is likely that you encountered and interacted with an HR professional. But, have you ever stopped to ask if human resources is a good career for you? The human resources department is extremely important at any company or place of employment for almost every field and industry. Human resources specialists, and other HR professionals...

  • Tracy Sedor {entry_date}

    Meeeooowwww……. As I sat at my desk processing new hire paperwork, I was wondering if I was dreaming. Did I really hear a cat on the second floor of the suburban building my office was located in? Thinking I must be hearing things I continued to work on my paperwork. What I should have known is in the world of Human Resources, there is no typical day and that day was no exception. Eight years earlier, on a hot and muggy day in Bowling Green, Ohio, I was sitting on the floor with a c...