• Bryant & Stratton College Blog Staff

    Going back to school as an adult brings up many questions, but perhaps the biggest one is “how am I going to pay for my degree?” Luckily student financial aid comes in many forms. Scholarships, grants, loans are all options but there is another way. Many employers offer tuition assistance programs that help employees pay for college. Tuition assistance or tuition reimbursement programs vary from company to company but they typically focus on giving their employees the opportunity to ...

  • Rebecca Lauterbach

    One of the first steps to increasing your own personal financial situation is increasing your marketability!  If you work for a large company chances are your employer will cover some if not all of your tuition expenses with a tuition reimbursement policy. That is if your degree or certificate program relates to your current position. Having an employer pay for your tuition benefits you in several ways: College is expensive no question about it; however, investing in your education is ...