Advertising and Promotions Manager

What is an Advertising and Promotions Manager?

An advertising and promotions manager is responsible for coordinating marketing campaigns, advertising strategies, and other promotional activities. They need to take a broad overarching view of each advertising campaign, overseeing other advertising, marketing, and sales professionals who will handle execution of minor tasks.

They have a key role in communications and organization. They will work with department heads to coordinate activities such as managing budgets, executing contracts, and purchasing advertising media. They will evaluate the latest market research and use this analysis to guide their strategies for a successful product or campaign promotion. Advertising and promotions managers will then carefully track the response and return garnered by their campaigns so they can adjust as needed.

Advertising and promotions managers are often the key point of contact between a marketing agency and the small businesses who use that agency’s services. The manager will meet with clients to discuss both the client’s needs and the marketing agency’s offerings. These professionals must have an in-depth knowledge of all advertising mediums and promotional tactics available to the client, so they can help them to compare their options, select a strategy that will suit the client’s target audience, and execute an effective campaign.

Job Responsibilities

  • Putting together marketing campaigns
  • Developing promotional media
  • Coordinating marketing activities
  • Directing promotional programs and activities
  • Evaluating the state of the market
  • Creating customer personas
  • Identifying the key demographics for each advertising medium
  • Tracking sales statistics
  • Easing client concerns and adjusting campaigns as needed

Advertising and Promotions Managers: Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Overall employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is projected to grow 6 percent from 2022 to 2032, faster than the average for all occupations. About 34,000 openings for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

You can increase your job opportunities by focusing on the digital marketplace. This is where the majority of new jobs are expected to emerge. The job outlook is slightly better for those who put their focus on marketing rather than advertising and promotions management. Anticipated job growth for marketing managers is 10 percent over the same decade.

Where Do Advertising and Promotions Managers Work?

Advertising and promotions managers typically work for advertising and marketing agencies who offer specialized services to a number of different clients. Some may also work within the marketing department on a dedicated staff that serves just one company. This is a fast-paced field where you need to capitalize on trending topics and new releases. Advertising and promotions managers often work long hours, putting in extra time on weekends and holidays to keep up with the demands of the industry.

What Can I Do With My Degree?

An BBA digital marketing degree will help prepare you for a variety of careers in marketing, advertising, and promotions. As you begin your job search in this area, it’s best to broaden your approach. Some job titles that are worth considering as you seek employment with this degree include:

  • Account supervisor
  • Brand manager
  • Account manager
  • Commercial lines manager
  • Development executive
  • Product manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Promotions director
  • Advertising assistant
  • Brand marketing
  • Acquisitions manager
  • Social media manager

When you widen the scope of your job search to include positions in promotions, advertising, and marketing, you’ll find a vast landscape of opportunities that may meet your needs and qualifications.

Please note that all data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is intended for informational purposes only. These statistics are not a guarantee of job offers or employment opportunities. You can, however, use this information for a general idea of what you might expect should trends continue as anticipated.

For more insights into an BBA digital marketing degree, visit the business degree section of our blog. Here you’ll find valuable information on the opportunities available to you for continuing your education in this and other similar areas.

Additional Training/Requirements

Most employers prefer a graduate with a bachelor degree for a position as an advertising and promotions manager. You should focus your education on a relevant field, such as marketing. A focus on the digital aspects of advertising and promotions should serve you well. The digital marketplace is a prime consideration for most marketers today, while print media is steadily declining in use.

The BBA Digital Marketing degree from Bryant & Stratton College can give you a solid background that will help prepare you for a career in advertising and promotions. This program includes courses in pay per click and display advertising, mobile and email marketing, web analytics and reporting, content and social media marketing, web analytics & reporting and strategy. With this well-rounded understanding of your advertising options online, you’ll be prepared to explore marketing strategies with future clients and assist them in selecting the best approach for their needs.

It’s best to start with an entry-level position in promotions and advertising to gain on-the-job experience. This will give your resume the weight that it needs to leverage you into a role as a manager in this industry.

While these projections can help career-minded people evaluate potential employment fields, it is important to note that job market data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook is only intended to provide insight on occupational opportunities. It should not be construed as a guarantee of salary or job title. Neither BLS nor Bryant & Stratton College can guarantee employment in any field.

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