Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator

What is a Social Media Coordinator?

A social media coordinator is responsible for an organization’s social media marketing. They use strong content to create and keep interest in an organization’s brand. They engage their online audience in conversation, attend to customer service, and keep all social media outlets updated. A good social media coordinator will be aware of what is happening in the world to keep content and conversation relevant, not only to their brand, but also to what is important to their audience. They track and analyze consumer data to judge the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing campaigns and make any necessary adjustments. They are sometimes known as digital media coordinators or social media specialists.

Job Responsibilities of a Social Media Coordinator

As you might imagine, a social media coordinator must be familiar and comfortable with all relevant social media platforms. And, they must understand the best ways to promote their organization’s brand through these outlets. The responsibilities of a social media coordinator include:

  • Social media marketing campaigns management
  • Cultivating online brand and identity
  • Enhancing brand visibility and accessibility
  • Driving website traffic via social media outlets
  • Customer engagement via social media
  • Analyzing consumer digital behavior to increase sales
  • Analyzing social media marketing campaign results to increase sales
  • Training staff and management in digital marketing and social media techniques
  • Using text, images and video to magnify brand
  • Collaborating with others to promote an organization’s brand
  • Setting campaign goals and tracking results
  • Create strong, relevant and engaging content
  • Employing search engine optimization techniques
  • Responding to online reviews
  • Campaign reporting
  • Stay abreast of social media platform developments

Career Outlook for Social Media Coordinators

This career is treated as part of a broader career, public relations specialist, by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook. According to the BLS, employment of public relations specialists is projected to grow 6 percent from 2022 to 2032, faster than the average for all occupations.

About 25,800 openings for public relations specialists are projected each year, on average, over the decade. Many of those openings are expected to result from the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or exit the labor force, such as to retire.

Organizations will continue to emphasize community outreach and customer relations as a way to maintain and enhance their reputation and visibility. Public opinion can change quickly, particularly because both good and bad news spread rapidly through the Internet. Consequently, public relations specialists will be needed to respond to news developments and maintain their organization’s reputation.

The use of social media also is expected to create opportunities for public relations specialists as they try to appeal to consumers and the general public in new ways. Public relations specialists will be needed to help their clients use social media effectively.

Still, you can expect quite a bit of competition for these positions. Employers will want applicants with experience and/or related education. A digital marketing specialist diploma from Bryant & Stratton College may be just what you need to get ahead of the competition.

What can I do with a Digital Marketing Specialist Diploma?

A digital marketing specialist diploma will prepare you for a career as a social media coordinator. The primary focus of the program is on the increasing influence of social media on marketing practices. You will learn social media, brand monitoring and growth practices, web data analytics, search engine optimization and more. You will also become familiar with how to analyze web data and relay what you have learned to necessary individuals and departments within an organization.

Having obtained this diploma, you will have acquired the skills to design and carry out a social media marketing campaign. You will learn to use the strategies available through digital marketing to increase both the visibility and accessibility of an organization’s brand. Also, you will obtain the skills necessary to use these same strategies to enhance website traffic. You will become comfortable with engaging customers though social media platforms to create loyalty to your organization. By learning consumers’ online behavior relative to your marketing campaigns, you will be able to affect the organization’s sales.

Additional Training/Requirements

Keep in mind that many employers desire applicants with bachelor’s degrees in public relations or marketing, and/or experience in social media marketing. According to the McKinley study, demand for entry level digital marketers was at 21 percent in 2017. At a minimum, you should be well versed in social media outlets. You will need good organizational, problem-solving, and writing skills. Networking tools, such as those that allow posting to many social media accounts at once allow for increased efficiency.

With only one year under your belt, demand for your services goes up to 40 percent, according to the McKinley study. Furthermore, if you want to continue your education to increase your visibility to employers, and your earning potential, you can continue your education. Bryant & Stratton College offers a digital marketing associate degree program as well.

Employment Settings for Social Media Coordinators

According to ONET, additional industries employing public relations specialists to a significant degree were scientific and technical services, and health care and social assistance.

Most social media coordinators work in offices, although, according to the McKinley study, telecommuting can be part of a benefits package. Hours can be longer than the standard workweek, and there can be stress involved in keeping abreast of the rapidly changing technology and social media platforms.

For insights into a career as a social media coordinator, please visit the Career Services section of our blog. Here you will find valuable information on a career as a social media coordinator and digital marketing careers.

While these projections can help career-minded people evaluate potential employment fields, it is important to note that job market data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook is only intended to provide insight on occupational opportunities. It should not be construed as a guarantee of salary or job title. Neither BLS nor Bryant & Stratton College can guarantee employment in any field.

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