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If numbers are like a second language to you, then the Bachelors in Business Administration degree program with a focus in Accounting at Bryant & Stratton College could open the door to your dream career. Whether you are thinking about pursuing your BBA Accounting degree online or on-campus, as a graduate of this undergraduate degree program, you’ll be prepared to pursue several entry level accounting- and financial-related careers in business, industry, government, and non-profit organizations. In addition to augmenting your understanding of math, finance, and economic skills, you’ll gain the decision making and risk management skills you need to pursue employment with accounting firms or government agencies.

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32-40 months

Approximate Program Length

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120 credit hours

Total Credits

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Sept 4

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This is the education and credential you need to land jobs and opportunities such as staff accountant, internal auditor, tax accountant, management accountant, financial analyst or manager, revenue or budget analyst and business manager.

The bachelor’s degree program in Accounting places a strong emphasis on accounting concepts, so you will benefit from a solid business foundation through complementary courses in management, finance, technology, marketing, and business law. You’ll also gain critical business skills through the operations management and strategic planning courses. At the conclusion of this Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting, you will be effectively prepared to address accounting- and business-related problems in their careers.

*The BBA Accounting bachelor’s degree program does not prepare you to take the Certified Public Accountant Exam. Graduates will need to pursue additional education in order to take the CPA Exam.

Where can you take this program?

Whether you prefer the vibrant atmosphere of on-campus classes, the convenience of online learning, or the flexibility of remote options, our degree programs are tailored to fit your lifestyle. Use our interactive map to explore the various campus locations where this degree program is offered.

Available online in all states except New York.

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Program Outcomes

From adults to economic policies, the BBA Accounting program provides a well-rounded education in accounting fundamentals. As a graduate, you’ll come away with the ability to:

Recognize the commonalities between financial theory and tax law and the economic and social policy issues of taxation.

Record and report financial information using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Solve technology challenges, maintain systems, analyze data, and communicate results using business related computer applications.

Judge appropriate ethical behaviors that follow the laws and regulations applicable to accounting practice.

Integrate theory, knowledge and technology to interpret financial and non-financial information to aid decision makers within an organization.

Justify the contributions of the increasingly internationally diverse society and defend its global and economic impact.

Stackable Solutions

Scalable to Your Career Level & Goals

Bryant & Stratton College designs skill-building programs to fit your needs. In addition to online, on-campus, and live remote learning options, our degree offerings are scalable and stackable. Whether seeking to jumpstart your career or advance your education we offer diploma, associate, and bachelor’s degrees to help you achieve your academic and career goals on your schedule.


Cultivate accounting essentials to support interpretation of tax law, financial information and more for organizations.

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Program Duration

  • 4-Years Full-Time Study
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Possible Careers


Develop expertise in preparing budgets, analyzing financial data and reports, and creating accounting reports.

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Program Format



  • 2-Years Full-Time Study


Build key accounting skills for general ledger entries, payroll issues, reconciliations, the accounting cycle & more.

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Program Format


Program Duration

  • 1-Year Full-Time Study
  • 2-Years Part-Time Study

Valuable Internship Experience

In addition to your classroom experience, we recognize the importance of real-world application. Through our partnership network, students are provided with opportunities to actively apply their learnings within their chosen field.


What can you do with a BBA in Accounting?

With roles in payroll services, tax preparation, and personal financial planning, accounting professionals are always in demand. An Accounting bachelor’s degree can prepare you for careers in the public, corporate, government, or non-profit sectors. Graduates with this degree may be entrusted with ensuring the accuracy of financial documents, evaluating financial operations, or preparing and maintaining essential tax records.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether one degree is better than another is often a consideration of your end goals. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting at Bryant & Stratton College will prepare you for relevant accounting and financial careers. Unlike a typical BS in Accounting, it offers a better understanding of overall business strategy with a deeper look at financial and accounting matters, providing the foundation you need to take advantage of next-level career opportunities down the line.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting is a degree program designed to help you understand the essentials of business with a deeper understanding of accounting principles. From income tax accounting to operations management to business law, curriculum is balanced to help you succeed in an accounting career no matter what industry you choose to work in.

At 120 credit hours, an accounting bachelor’s degree program typically takes around four years to complete. That answer can change — longer or shorter — depending on whether you pursue part-time or full-time studies and how much prior learning credit you are able transfer in. Some students are able to graduate sooner by maximizing the number of classes they take each semester as well as taking classes over the summer.

There are a number of relevant entry-level positions new graduates can pursue with a degree in accounting, including bookkeeping, accounts payable specialist, accounts receivable, staff accountant, audit clerk and more!

An accounting education, no matter how you earned it, is always worth it. An online accounting degree can be especially beneficial considering the added convenience and flexibility it provides for busy working adults. At Bryant & Stratton College, our online accounting programs offer the same personal support and academic quality as our in-person programs. They are packed with the insights, skills and fundamentals you need to succeed throughout your accounting career.

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