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Criminal Justice Studies Associate Degree

The associate degree in Criminal Justice Studies from Bryant & Stratton College provides students with the education they need to pursue career opportunities in numerous areas of the criminal justice and legal fields. Graduates of this associate degree program will be qualified to work in law enforcement, corrections, security, the juvenile justice system, and other areas. They can even pursue job opportunities in homeland security, forensics, criminology, legal work, and more. The Criminal Justice Studies associate degree program is designed to give graduates the opportunity to pursue these exciting positions at the local, state, and federal levels.

Students will gain a strong understanding of the United States’ court systems, correctional organizations, law enforcement agencies, and both public and private security venues.

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16-20 months

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60 credit hours

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Sept 4

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A strong emphasis is placed on the ever-changing technology used in the field, and students will receive a balance of theory (from criminal psychology to homeland security) and practice that prepares them to work with the tools used in crime scene investigation, to investigate digital crime, and more. From paralegals to parole officers, these courses will help dedicated professionals pursue a number of career fields.

While opportunities abound for criminal justice associate degree jobs, many career opportunities within the field have additional requirements such as academy training, background checks, and physical fitness standards. These mandates often vary on a state-by-state or city-by-city basis, so be sure to research the potential requirements in your region as you pursue an associate degree in Criminal Justice Studies.

Available on-campus and online to fit into your life

The Criminal Justice Studies associate degree program is available for study online with Bryant & Stratton College. The online criminal justice degree program follows the same outcomes and curriculum as the campus-based program with the added flexibility and convenience of an online program. Students of our online associate degree in criminal justice can expect the same personal touch and support with their online courses and studies as is provided by our campus faculty and staff. Credits earned in online classes at Bryant & Stratton College are the same as credits earned in campus-based classes at Bryant & Stratton

Where can you take this program?

Whether you prefer the vibrant atmosphere of on-campus classes, the convenience of online learning, or the flexibility of remote options, our degree programs are tailored to fit your lifestyle. Use our interactive map to explore the various campus locations where this degree program is offered.

The Amherst campus offers courses in the Criminal Justice Studies associate degree. To learn more about this degree at the Amherst location, please contact an admissions representative.

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Program Outcomes

Students of the Criminal Justice Studies associate degree program gain a comprehensive understanding on how to:

Identify and characterize the history and components that comprise the justice system at the federal, state, and local level.

Identify and address safety and security issues.

Prepare professional documents that meet the standards of the justice system.

Demonstrate an understanding of the various theories that explain criminal behaviors and programs designed to address them.

Evaluate substantive and procedural criminal law.

Stackable Solutions

Scalable to Your Career Level & Goals

Bryant & Stratton College designs skill-building programs to fit your needs. In addition to online, on-campus, and live remote learning options, our degree offerings are scalable and stackable. Whether seeking to jumpstart your career or advance your education we offer diploma, associate, and bachelor’s degrees to help you achieve your academic and career goals on your schedule.


Develop fundamental understanding of U.S. court systems, law enforcement agencies, crime scene investigation and more.

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Program Format


Program Duration

  • 2-Years Full-Time Study


Prepare to enter the criminal justice field through a study of the criminal justice system in principle and practice.

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Program Duration

  • 1-Year Full-Time Study
  • 2-Years Part-Time Study
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In addition to your classroom experience, we recognize the importance of real-world application. Through our partnership network, students are provided with opportunities to actively apply their learnings within their chosen field.


What can you do with a Criminal Justice degree?

Students who graduate with degrees in criminal justice often work in law enforcement or state and local governments. Graduates can be prepared for entry-level positions in these organizations. Demand for professionals to fill these roles is growing much faster than average according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most criminal justice degree programs offer a deep overview of every aspect of the criminal justice field, from the courts system to law enforcement to the laws that govern them both. At Bryant & Stratton College, our AAS in Criminal Justice Studies explores the nuances of crime, delinquency and deviant behaviors.

Once you have your high school diploma or GED, find a criminal justice degree program from an accredited university or college. Make sure it offers a foundational understanding of the field, one that will help you take the next step in your career. Then apply for admission and enroll in class. Bryant & Stratton College can help.

Yes, you can earn a degree in criminal justice online. It’s a great way to pursue the education you need to advance your career as you continue to work and fulfill your responsibilities. Bryant & Stratton College’s AAS in Criminal Justice Studies is available on campuses in New York, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin as well as online.

Most associate-level programs, including those in criminal justice, are designed to be completed in just two years. At Bryant & Stratton College, our AAS in Criminal Justice Studies offers the thorough review, insight and credential you need to pursue a career in the field.

You will review the critical areas involved in criminal justice, including the courts, corrections and law enforcement – locally, regionally and federally. The AAS in Criminal Justice Studies at Bryant & Stratton College also covers the tools and technology used in the field, offering the foundation needed to pursue a career in investigative work, juvenile justice, criminology and more.

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