Paralegal Studies Degree Program

AAS Paralegal Studies

The Rule of Law

The Paralegal Studies program emphasizes practical applications and prepares students to analyze cases and prepare legal documents required in litigating law suits, prosecuting crimes, closing real estate transactions and drafting documents used in custody, separation and divorce proceedings. The program also emphasizes the ethical considerations for legal professionals as prescribed by the American Bar Association and the National Federation for Paralegal Associates.

Graduates are prepared to obtain entry-level positions working under the supervision of an attorney in private law firms or in other related occupations in government, legal departments of banks, corporations, insurance companies, accounting firms and real estate development or property management firms. Graduates are encouraged to take the CLA/CP exam.  Felony and drug background checks may impact internship or employment opportunities.  

Skills You'll Learn
1 Apply information technology skills to general office and specific law office applications.
2 Apply legal terminology correctly in legal documents.
3 Demonstrate an ability to read, analyze and interpret legal documents, case law and statutory law.
4 Draft a variety of legal writings including correspondence, pleadings, instruments and memoranda.
5 Identify, interpret and apply legal ethics.
6 Improve thinking processes and learning strategies.
7 Research the law utilizing printed and online legal reference materials.
8 Understand the duties, responsibilities and limitations of a paralegal.
Paralegal Studies
Jobs in Paralegal Studies
Paralegal Collection Specialist
Paralegal Legal Assistant
Paralegal Paralegal
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Paralegal Studies
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