April 17, 2019

Be Prepared Before Applying to School

By B&SC Admissions Team

Be Prepared Before Applying to School

Enrolling in classes at Bryant & Stratton College Online is a straightforward process that requires a few short steps to be completed.

The required steps are communicated to our students by their Admissions Representative once they’ve completed their initial admissions interview. There are additional steps that a student can take to ensure their enrollment goes as quickly as possible. The support offered by our admissions staff is second to none. From your first interview all the way until your first day of class, your personal Admissions Representative is there to guide you through the process of getting enrolled.

They will require that you complete certain steps and submit required documents throughout this process. While many of the steps cannot be completed ahead of time, there are a few things that can be done to help speed up your enrollment:

Submit your FAFSA ahead of time It usually takes three-to-five business days for a FAFSA application to process once it has been submitted or corrected. That means that it could take almost a full week for the government to process your information once it’s been turned in. However, there’s nothing that states you can’t fill out a FAFSA for the current school year prior to submitting an application. You can submit a new FAFSA anytime you want by going to FAFSA.ed.gov and beginning a new application. Be sure to remember to include Bryant & Stratton College’s school code (002678) when you apply so that your FAFSA processes with the proper school code and you don’t need to add it later.

Prepare important financial aid documents Some students will need to submit additional documentation in order to complete the financial aid process. These additional steps typically require additional documentation to be submitted before you can continue through the financial aid process. One of the most common steps that need to be addressed is called verification. Verification is a randomly selected process carried out by the government that requires additional documentation to be requested. Tax transcripts are among the most commonly requested documents and by obtaining a copy of them before applying for school or financial aid can help you down the line. It only takes a few steps to order your tax transcripts:

  • Go to http://www.irs.gov  and select the orange heading titled “Tools”
  • Select “Get Transcript Online”
  • Select blue box titled “Get Transcript Online”
    • You will need to follow the directions provided after selecting this option to ensure you get the transcripts for the year in required.

Know who to contact to obtain your high school records Our admissions staff will work to obtain a student’s GED results or high school transcripts. However, your records could be in a number of locations depending on where you took your GED test or when you graduated from high school. Make sure you know if we will need to contact your high school, school board or perhaps even a state agency (typically just for GEDs) to formally request records on your behalf. Knowing who to contact and the procedure for requesting records can save your admissions advisor a lot of time once you apply.

Know how to obtain college transcripts Not every student who is applying for school this fall will have gone to college before but, for those who have, transfer credits can be a big help towards earning your next degree. Every college operates differently when it comes to sending transcripts out for evaluation and a student can help the process immensely by knowing the procedure ahead of time. Knowing the procedure isn’t the only helpful reason to contact your previous colleges. Not only will you be able to find out if you owe any sort of balance that might prevent your transcripts from being released, but you can also obtain unofficial transcripts in many cases. Bryant & Stratton can review unofficial transcripts to determine your eligibility for transfer credits while we wait for official copies to come in. This is especially helpful in determining if placement testing needs to be taken and for scheduling purposes once the semester begins.

There’s no reason to hesitate taking the first step towards making a better future today so keep these recommendations in mind and remember that the application process at Bryant & Stratton is free to all students.

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