May 25, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Leen Garcia '22

By B&SC Blog Team

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Leen Garcia '22

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Leen Garcia ’22
Program: Human Resources Specialist
Campus: Greece

“As an adult in my late forties, I set a goal that I would earn my first degree by the age of fifty,” said Bryant & Stratton College alumna Leen Garcia, “and here I am. I’m going to be fifty and I’m proud to say that I accomplished my goal.”

Leen had been working in the human resources (HR) field for more than seventeen years when she decided to make it a goal for herself to earn her degree. “I did not finish college when I had the opportunity to in my younger years,” she said, and already having firsthand experience in HR made it easy for her to decide on the degree she wanted to pursue.

When Leen attended registration at Bryant & Stratton College with her daughter, she discovered what the college’s atmosphere and experience are all about. “I felt a warm and welcoming feeling. I was sold,” she shared.

An associate degree in human resources specialist from Bryant & Stratton College provides students with the foundation needed in business and administrative skills to ensure they are prepared for today’s business environment. Students gain the critical skills and educational components that enable them to secure key roles at companies in any industry. The degree can also provide the education needed to advance current careers beyond HR specialist and into HR management down the line.

Leen shared that “my career goals are to utilize my degree and experience to be promoted with my current employer.” She also admitted that “even though I had years of experience in HR, my time at Bryant & Stratton College not only served as a refresher in some of my courses but also provided me with the reassurance that I needed to take me a long way in my future aspirations as an HR professional.”

Although Leen had the background and motivation to earn her degree, she acknowledged her journey was challenging but rewarding. “At times I felt like I was not making the best of my time, especially working full time and being a mother and wife. With the assistance of my instructors, I was able to pull through by learning the proper time management skills,” she explained.

The hard work that Leen put into her education played a huge role in her success, but she gives credit to all the individuals at Bryant & Stratton College who helped and pushed her along the way. “My instructor, Brendalynn Jackson, helped me gain confidence with her feedback. She was such a positive and understanding instructor who always welcomed me with open arms,” said Leen.

“From the moment I visited the college with my daughter, I felt a sense of welcome. I felt like I belonged. Bryant & Stratton College has a strong educational culture and is always aware of diversity and inclusiveness,” Leen shared. “I would like to say thank you to all the individuals who helped me throughout my time at the college. I made it, and I was able to achieve my goal.”

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