September 18, 2023

Celebrating HR Professionals Day: Meet Kathleen Miller

By B&SC Blog Team

Celebrating HR Professionals Day: Meet Kathleen Miller

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Kathleen Miller ’16

Program: AAS, Human Resources BBA, General Management

Campus: Wauwatosa, WI

When forced to find a new job at 51 years old because of a closing business, Kathleen Miller discovered her passion for human resources. During her job search, Kathleen realized that she longed for more and was ready to build her resume and pursue a career that she loved.

From working with people at her previous job, she knew that she had found her passion. While researching human resources programs, Kathleen discovered Bryant & Stratton College. Kathleen spoke with an admissions coordinator at the Wauwatosa campus. and learned that she would get the experience she needed to be successful in the field and build her resume.

Kathleen knew that she wanted to find a program that offered her everything she needed to know to be effective in a human resources position making the program at Bryant & Stratton College the perfect program for her.

“The classes at Bryant & Stratton College are not only built to teach but also keep students engaged and allows them to gain experience both hands-on with internships and through faculty with a background in the field,” Kathleen said.

Knowing that she wanted to walk into her new career quickly and confident in her ability to make a difference in a new role was very important to Kathleen. She explained, “Bryant & Stratton College focuses on the industry that is being studied and the knowledge that is needed to be successful at the job. It is a very ‘get down to business’ and ‘here is what you need to know and learn’ place, which is exactly what I was looking for.”

Every step of the way, Kathleen felt supported that she was being set up for success. Kathleen said, “Everyone was always willing to lend a hand and help. From admissions to financial aid to my advisor, everyone was there to help me set a plan to earn my degree.”

Kathleen wanted to earn a bachelor’s in general management immediately after receiving her associate degree. This took a dedicated plan, hard work and the help of Bryant & Stratton. As a result Kathleen was able to achieve her goal in just three short years.

Kathleen is now a human resources manager at Charter Communications, where she is a leadership mentor who assists in employee development and guides them to be the very best they can be. She often lends a hand to others who need help building their resumes when they are looking to get promotions, like she once had to do herself.

Today, Kathleen says the most rewarding part about working in human resources is seeing someone who is struggling – who came for help- and building a relationship with them to ensure that they know what the expectations in the workplace are and watching them develop into the best employee possible.

In her current role, Kathleen has realized how much she has used her education to carry out her day-to-day responsibilities. Having exposure to different situations in her classes allowed her to recognize that she has what it takes to be a leader to others.

“I was so thankful that I went to school and got my degree, because even though I was in the profession for many years before continuing my education, I learned so much and added value to the things that I already did know,” Kathleen said.

Kathleen added, “Bryant & Stratton College was a fantastic educational experience. The energy that the instructors brought helped me to enjoy my classes, and I loved everything that the school had to offer. It is the best choice to gain an education.”

Learn more about our human resources programs at Bryant & Stratton College here!

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