August 10, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Keshawn Miller Jr. '22

By B&SC Blog Team

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Keshawn Miller Jr. '22

“Bryant & Stratton College allowed me to earn my degree and find a career path that I am proud of.” – Keshawn Miller Jr.

The associate degree Networking Technology program at Bryant & Stratton College prepares students to pursue various networking positions in the information technology field through education that focuses on the theory and hands-on practice utilized by IT professionals. Students will gain the technical skills that are necessary to install, configure, secure, administer, and troubleshoot network systems. Bryant & Stratton College alumnus Keshawn Miller talks about his college career, sports, career opportunity, and more.

What inspired you to pursue a degree in Networking Technology at Bryant & Stratton College?

After high school I didn’t have any set career passions, and at the time my entire focus was on sports. I was debating whether to continuing my education when one day I received a call from Athletic Director/Head Baseball Coach Bob Godlewski. I can now say that this phone call changed my life. I was offered a scholarship to play baseball at Bryant & Stratton College, and I was speechless. I knew that I could not count on sports for my entire life, and I wanted to use this college opportunity to create the best life possible for myself.

I was already a tech-savvy person, so I knew that the Networking Technology program would be something I was interested in. Eventually, it became something I was infatuated with. It began opening so many opportunities that I had never thought would be available to me. I have found a career that pertains to my strengths, and choosing this program was the best decision I have ever made.

Describe your experience at Bryant & Stratton College.

My experience at Bryant & Stratton College was an incredible, fun, and life-altering experience that I would not trade for the world. I met and built relationships with so many individuals who were always willing to lend a hand and made it easy for me to look forward to school. After losing my passion for baseball, I found a new passion for Information Technology. I quickly found that I loved everything about technology and continuing my education, especially at Bryant & Stratton College.

Instructors, students, and other faculty were always willing to listen to my story and give me the encouragement I needed to keep going and never give up. I always felt like I was part of the Bobcat family, and I can never stop appreciating them for that. I am extremely thankful to Bryant & Stratton College for everything.

Tell us about your current role in your field and how Bryant & Stratton College prepared you.

I am currently a Help Desk Technician Trainee at Capital Region BOCES. I started here as an intern and worked my way up to my current role. I am so proud of myself for getting to where I am today, especially earning the position right out of my internship. My college experience was extremely helpful in preparing me for the responsibilities in my role. Bryant & Stratton College helped me learn the many applications of technology, including how to break-fix software, how to work with hardware, and even how to do some coding. My hands-on experience in a multitude of my classes with different technological issues gave me the opportunity to learn how to fix these issues without needing any assistance. All my classes helped me feel more in tune with my work environment and were even instrumental in helping me become a better person, be more mature in the workplace, and be able to work well under pressure no matter the circumstances.

It feels good to continue to climb the ladder. I am grateful for this opportunity and the chance to build a successful life for myself and my future family.

What makes you most proud to be a Bryant & Stratton College graduate?

I am most proud to be a Bryant & Stratton College graduate for accomplishing that feat itself. Not everyone in my family is able to call themselves college graduates, but I am able to. I went through my own personal struggles, but no matter what, I had the support from my family and many different individuals at the college who helped me keep on track and continue my college education. There were so many people who were willing to give me a helping hand during my college career, and no one would think twice when I asked for it.

What would you say to someone considering earning a degree from Bryant & Stratton College?

Anyone who is considering earning a degree at Bryant & Stratton College should know that they will always be backed with support and endless help from everyone at the college. I always had a multitude of individuals who would be willing to go out of their way to help me and ensure that I would succeed.

For myself, even with my personal struggles that I was working through, Bryant & Stratton College offered me the guidance I needed to graduate and find a career that I am proud of. The college changed my life forever, and all I want to say is thank you. Go Bobcats!

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