August 7, 2019

The Best Bachelor Degrees

By B&SC Blog Team

The Best Bachelor Degrees

Are you searching for the right degree to help you harness your future? There are dozens of options and a seemingly endless range of possible career paths. If you’re struggling to find the best bachelor’s degree for your needs, try considering what matters the most. Let your key personal goals guide you toward the degree that will serve you best.

Kickstart Your Job Search

If you’re focused on finding a job as quickly as possible after graduation, you should choose a major that’s in high demand. For example, consider a BBA in Accounting to position yourself for a great job as soon as you complete your degree.

Accountants are in high demand for several reasons. The rise in corporate scandals has put greater focus on detailed accounting and impeccable business ethics. As information technology advances, accounting becomes more complex for many companies. Tasks that were once manageable with a spreadsheet and strong math skills now need CPAs with an aptitude for IT.

The job outlook for accountants and auditors is favorable. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 11 percent job growth over the 2014 to 2024 decade, as opposed to average growth of just seven percent for all occupations.

For Fitting into your Schedule

Even people who already have a good job can benefit from advancing their education but it can be hard to fit into your working schedule. That’s where online bachelor degrees are perfect. While some degrees do require hands-on instruction, there are plenty of options for people who want to get a degree online on their own time. A recent report on online education found that more than a quarter of studentsare studying online so you will be in good company. If you have time constraints, an online degree would be the best for you.

For a High Salary

If you’re looking for a high job salary, consider a degree in a rapidly evolving field like information technology. With a bachelor’s degree in information technology, your career path can lead to some of today’s highest-paying careers, such as IT manager, software architect, software development manager, or applications development manager. These positions often feature six-figure salaries.

If you’re taking this route to fortune, keep in mind that technical careers such as these require ongoing education. You’ll need a strong appetite for knowledge and an interest in keeping up with the latest developments to truly succeed in an IT job. If this sounds like you, however, you can snag a satisfying salary for your efforts.

For Job Flexibility

If you’re not set on a specific career path yet, but you want to bulk up your resume with a degree, you should look for a field that will give you plenty of flexibility in the future. One of the best bachelor’s degrees for someone interested in business is a BA in General Management. This degree will prepare you for nearly any management position. You’ll get a diverse skill set including communication, marketing, technology, and problem-solving.

You can use this degree to climb the ladder in a broad range of business areas including project management, marketing, human resources, or eCommerce. Whether you ultimately land a job working with an apparel manufacturer, technology company, event management business, or other employer, your general management skills will serve you well.

For Creative Satisfaction

Do you have a strong creative side that demands an opportunity to come out and play? The optimal bachelor’s degree for you is one that will let you incorporate artistic elements in your everyday activities. Consider a degree in digital marketing. This will give you the opportunity to develop engaging marketing campaigns. This field involves plenty of out-of-the-box thinking to stay ahead of the latest trends in social media and internet activity. Let your innovative side reign with this degree field.

There’s no one-size-fits-all bachelor’s degree that will be best for everyone. However, considering the job elements that matter the most to you will help you find the best path for your needs. These are just a sampling of the degrees available at Bryant and Stratton College.

For more information on other available choices, check out our Bachelor’s Degree page or call the Admission office at 1.888.273.2758.

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