December 16, 2021

Foodies Rejoice: Careers in Food and Hospitality

By B&SC Blog Team

Foodies Rejoice: Careers in Food and Hospitality

Do you have a deep passion for food? There are lots of careers in food today that will let you turn your love of fine cuisine into a lucrative job. These jobs for foodies are as diverse as diners themselves, with a little something for every food lover.

Bed & Breakfast Owner

Bed & Breakfasts blend the comforts of a hotel with the excitement of a restaurant. If you’re looking for a versatile hospitality career, this will give you a little of everything. You’ll manage the guest rooms handling things like cleanliness, comfort, and appropriate amenities throughout the day. In the mornings, you become a restaurant manager as well, serving up a delicious homey breakfast for your patrons.

Many bed and breakfast owners do it all, from cooking and serving to cleaning up and handling business paperwork. It’s important to have a well-rounded understanding of the hospitality industry for this job. A hospitality degree will give you the solid educational foundation that you need

Pastry Artist

If you’re passionate about pastry and swoon for pieces that are as beautiful as they are tasty, then you’ll excel as a pastry artist. Shows like “Cake Boss” shine a spotlight on this creative career. In the highest echelons, pastry artists are often more artist than baker, creating masterpieces that are almost too elegant to eat.

Pastry jobs for food lovers can exist anywhere from your local grocery store bakery to a specialized wedding cake business. Spend as much time in the kitchen as you can or complete a culinary or pastry program for the best chance of success, honing your skills for stunning pastry creation.

Executive Chef

Blend your love of food with your innate leadership abilities and knack for management and you have the perfect recipe for a career as an executive chef. The executive chef is in charge of everyone in the kitchen, from apprentices to talented chefs. He’s responsible for designing the menu, ordering ingredients and cooking supplies, and keeping a careful account of products going in and out of the kitchen.

A skilled executive chef knows how to keep the kitchen clean, the food delicious, the staff organized, and the bottom line healthy. If you love the thrill of a fast-paced environment with lots of multitasking, this is a great hospitality career for you. Surprisingly, many executive chefs learn most of their culinary skills on the job adding programs in management to make the leap to executive status.

Food Photographer

Food photography is different from standard photography, requiring a whole new set of skills and a keen eye for how to make food look as delicious as it tastes. Creating appetizing food photos involves everything from arranging the dishes artistically with the right tableware to using creative tricks like spritzing it with water or even applying a faux veneer on the food. In today’s foodie culture, there’s broad scope for talented food photographers.

Banquet Manager

If you see food as an event to be celebrated, you’ll find many good food jobs in management. Your future may lie in a career such as banquet manager. You’ll put your business skills to use negotiating contracts, hiring vendors, and managing your staff. You’ll also help select the menu, arrange the banquet hall, and cater flawlessly to your guests. An education focused on hospitality management will serve you well in this career.

There are many creative careers in food that will let you surround yourself with tasty offerings while spreading the love and sharing your passion for good eats with others. Consider whether some of these positions may offer the right fit for your foodie future.

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